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Last year, the Monetizer purchased and reviewed a cool little tech gadget known as MagicJack. I wanted to provide a MagicJack Reviews 2009 update since I've been using the MagicJack for several months now. The MagicJack is basically a USB plug-in device that hooks into the back of your computer and allows you connect a normal phone. From there you can make free phone calls to just about anywhere right over your hi-speed internet connection. You provide the area code you want to use for your number, whether it be the state you're living in now or any other state. That can be helpful if you happen to have moved to a new state yet have a lot of friends/family in some other state. Or you may want to set up a business phone and make it look like you're based out of New York, Los Angeles, etc. The other great part is there's no daily or per minute chargers involved and it also includes caller ID & voice mail service. Even cooler, when you receive a voice mail, you receive an email to your specified email address as well. This is helpful because to receive calls you need to have your computer switched on, otherwise they will go to your voice mail.

It's been several months since installing the item and we haven't had any major complaints. I suspect phone call quality is based on your internet connection as well as which phone you choose to use with MagicJack. My major gripe about the MagicJack which I didn't mention in my previous reviews is the inability to uninstall this device in an easy manner. I've tried several tricks and referred to various websites and blog posts but to no avail. The mistake I made which you will want to avoid is this: DON'T INSTALL MAGICJACK ON EVERY USER ACCOUNT. If you do, each user will have to wait for a lengthy period of time upon the computer reaching the desktop. MagicJack will take a minute or so to load and sticks up an annoying splash screen.

If you use Windows Vista or XP with multiple user accounts, before you plug in or install MagicJack, consider creating a separate user account named "MagicJack" or "Phone". Log on to your computer via that account, plug in MagicJack for the first time and let it install there. Don't repeat the process on other accounts, that is don't unplug and plug it back in, unless you really want that annoyance on each account.

Otherwise, MagicJack works pretty nicely, and they really aren't super expensive. You can check MagicJack ebay listings here. There's a yearly fee which kicks in after the first year, which is something like $20 or $30, but having a free internet style phone which you can bring on trips or register with a phone number from any state isn't bad for that price!

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Anonymous said...

I found an informative blog here. The Magic Jack is a simple gadget that connect in USB port of computer and attach your phone to Magic Jack. And you can call directly for free without a risk in United States or Canada for just $19.95 for 1 year. I also found a great review here about Magic Jack. Hope the Magic Jack offer have no problems.

Miss. Marie said...

If you are having voice quality issues all you need to do is buy a USB port with an adapter. It takes lots of energy from the computer to make a call so when you have a powered usb you don't have to worry about the computers usage. You can buy one for under 7 bucks at EFORCITY.com

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