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Hello to all friends, followers, fans and others! I have been on a hiatus trying out new ways to make money online. These have included freelance writing gigs with various sites that worked for a while, as well as trying my hand at eBooks and apps. I feel the latter two categories are profitable, and now I’m going to try out a brand new site which I have heard positive things about. It’s called Bubblews, and I want to see if I can generate some extra cash from it! In this post, I'll talk to you more about the site as well as some excellent Bubblews tips products including the guide below.

Bubblews Guide for Tips & Info

How did I become interested in the site?

I recently received word of a new product called Constant Cash Dripfeed by Andy Charalambous. It’s available for a low price at Warrior Forum here and if you’re serious about trying to earn with Bubblews I highly recommend it. Inside the PDF guide, Andy gives his tips and strategies for how to set up your Bubblews posting schedule and how to maximize your chances to earn money. I’m not going to lie and tell you there is no work involved, but it seems easy compared to other tedious methods of making money online. This is especially true if you like to write.

What is Bubblews all about?

So with Bubblews you’re basically just writing your perspective on various topics in at least 400 character posts or articles. I’ve always enjoyed writing so this seems like a no-brainer for me. The site is free to join, and apparently the community there is helpful, supportive and worth being a part of. That alone could be worth the free price of admission!

make money with bubblews
The Bubblews moneymaking journey begins!

Earnings are accumulated based on views, comments and likes from others on your various posts. Some will be from the Bubblews site, some may be from bringing people in via social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. There's always the off-chance for organic search traffic as well, depending on how Bubblews ranks, or starts to rank. Once you've accumulated $50 you can request a payout.

Things that are frowned upon at Bubblews are things like plagiarism (duh!) and trying to game the system for views or likes. Those are big no-no’s as you might expect, but if you play within the rules and interact in the community, there’s been reports of some members earning $1,000 to $2,000 extra income in a month at Bubbles!

One thing with Bubblews is that they have had reports of payment issues, so that can always be worrisome. I have worked for various affiliate sites in the past that collapsed and I never saw a dime of what I earned. I am hoping that won’t be the case with Bubblews. That said I don’t expect it to be a career, but I will see if I can reach payout threshold which is $50 or so. Apparently, payouts come within a week, but don’t hold me to that!

Can You Make Money with Bubblews?

So can I make money with Bubblews? I think so and so can you! The answer will be related to how much work is involved and whether or not they continue with their payouts properly. As we all know, sites such as Squidoo have become a thing of the past for earning money online, but the internet is far from over when it comes to earning some spare coin. However, writing 400 character or more posts and interacting with a good community isn't necessarily a tough thing to get down with.

So if you’re down to make money with Bubblews, stay tuned for my latest updates. Also, I’d recommend picking up Constant Cash Dripfeed today and studying the PDF’s and tips inside. It’s an excellent primer on what you can expect from this simplistic money-making fun writing site!


Is Kevin Trudeau's Free Money Book Legit or a Scam?

If you’ve ever been up really late at night, or even flipping through the channels on a lazy weekend afternoon, you are probably familiar with Kevin Trudeau. He’s the guy who has been on television infomercials promoting his Free Money book, which talks about tips “they don’t want you to know about.” They refers to the good ol’ government. Before we go to far it’s important to understand that Trudeau has been in some hot water for various claims made and various products he’s been a part of.

His books are still available online for those who are curious to read them. Other titles include “Debt Cures 2014 Edition” and “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.” “Free Money - They Don’t Want You to Know About,” was apparently updated now in 2014 to include even more helpful information to peruse. The most recent edition of the Free Money Trudeau book (pictured) is 279 pages long and ranks within the top 150,000 books on Amazon as of this report, showing that there are people out there still willing to give Trudeau and the info his book holds, a chance.

Reviews of Kevin Trudeau’s “Free Money” straight from Amazon show a slight mix of opinions by customers. At least a few people call it a scam and complaining about Trudeau’s legal issues. That includes a judge calling him an “uncontrollable huckster” and saying that Trudeau’s book could no longer be sold (as of 2004). That’s not to say that there aren’t third party sellers still offering copies of Trudeau’s titles on Amazon.

For the most part, the original hardcover and paperback listing of the book on Amazon has more one-star rated reviews on it than any other rating. There’s 69 five-star ratings and 60 three-star ratings. One reviewer even says that “the book gives some websites to aid in all these things, but most of the info could be gathered on-line.” That’s certainly true, and these days so many individuals overlook that aspect. Instead they will quickly fall for the latest “get money now” or “find money instantly” titles to get their hands on some cash. Trudeau more than anything may be a huckster, but he is also more of a marketer, in that he was able to convince people through clever marketing on infomercials that he had the cures to debt, health and other issues easily presented in his books. There may very well be that info inside his books, but it's hard to trust that advice based on the various legal findings that have been associated with Mr. Trudeau.

So my best advice to you with regards to Kevin Trudeau's "Free Money" book and whether it's a legit guide or a scam: Buy the book if you’re still curious, but use the good old internet to aid you in finding ways to increase your income. There’s plenty of ways to start generating money online, and you can find the “free money” yourself.

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Google Hot Trends, Domain Transfers & Moneymaking sites

It's been a while since my last post, and if you're a longtime fan or reader I apologize for that. If you're involved in self-employment or internet marketing, you know just how time-consuming it all can be. Sometimes you find something that is a good thing for moneymaking and you end up putting more effort into that then other projects. Throw in other aspects of "real life" and you've got a busy time of it. It's nice to have a life outside the net right? Luckily, my previous work as a project manager and caseworker helps me figure out my priorities. I'm big on goal setting, writing lists and getting things done. But I do have my "procrastinator days" as well.

So what have I been up to? Well recently, a lot of article writing. Mostly with Google trends which offers pros and cons. The great part is this can give you nice surges of traffic to wherever you want if done right. If you pick the right hot topics and get in on them in time, you can link to offers or seller sites, and generate nice sales for making money online. The downfalls are copycats who steal your material so they can make a quick buck too. And trust me, I've seen it happen quite a bit. I've even had someone accuse me of plagiarism on a site, when in fact it was another site copying my work. Strange but true!

The other thing with Google trends is we know the Big G wants to keep their searches honest. They don't want people searching for a hot news topic and finding someone's 5 sentence article about a story with a link to a news site. I see it often, or I see sites with poorly written content that has tons of grammatical errors and sentences which keep going and run together and they don't make sense but they are trying to make money as fast as they can - you know what I mean? Google will want content as always. In the past year, I've seen the Google Hot Trends listing go from 100 sites to about 40 to the current 20, and I often wonder if it will go down again to 10. I'm guessing that Google has done this to prevent all the "crap" content that gets spewed out. They limit people's ability to prey off 100 or even 40 topics.

So to solve the problems of competition and finding more hot topics, you have to be creative. For that, figure out what the recent hot topics are and then use Google suggest. You know, the tool that will provide you with additional searches. From that you can gauge your own topics to write about, and make post titles based on them. To get traffic flowing you'll probably need authority for your site, or to write for Associate Content as a news writer. Or you can play the social bookmarking game and use Socialmarker to get your site ranked up on page 1, for a bit. I'm not going to go into what topics to look for to make money, because you'll have to develop your own strategies. I'd also recommend Yahoo! Buzz, Bing X-rank and this site News on Rails which lists 100 trends for a day.

Now about domain transfers, I do have a gripe with GoDaddy.com. Over the past year I set up about 5 new sites/blogs and used sales deals with GoDaddy to get the domains. I host with Hostgator. After hearing about the Netfirms site I decided I would switch over to them for the upcoming renewal. Netfirms offers a privacy protection in their deal that GoDaddy doesn't. The problem came when trying to make the transfer.

Netfirms requires that you set up the transfer by authorizing it with the old domain site (GoDaddy), acquiring a AUTH code from them, and then another code from Netfirms. Once you enter all that info into your Netfirms area for the domain, they are supposed to handle the switch. The problem was that GoDaddy didn't allow the transfer, and has their nice little GoDaddy page parking ads on my sites now, offering people to buy the names up when they're available. So lesson learned, the hard way.

I've seen many a domain seller site talk about how easy a transfer is, but it's really a headache. As of this article, I have yet to transfer any domains, and basically GoDaddy has blocked my attempts. Maybe it's good business, but you can imagine the frustration after all the work to write posts, build backlinks and get ranked for those moneymaking sites. But you live and learn and I'll have to go forth from there.

A few other notes of recent interest, WidgetBucks has chosen to close down. If you missed that email they basically are choosing to focus their funds and efforts in a new way. Anyone whose account was over $50 threshold at the time will be paid by the 15th of March. If you were under $50, your money is not going to be paid to you. Also, Squidoo has been adhering to their newer standards and if they decide your lenses seem too spammy or not under their guidelines, they will lock you. I must have missed an email from them at one point, but five of my lenses have been officially locked. But then again maybe that's because I had the biggest payout from Squidoo yet just today. Even in a tough economy these moneymaking sites want to tighten up their purse strings a bit.

I hope everyone else is doing well in 2010. It's been a great start for me despite the problems I've mentioned. Mainly because I have been reaching some big goals and am looking forward to the impending moneymaking season coming up.

Here's to your success,
The Monetizer


Debt Cures 2 Book by Kevin Trudeau debt strategies

One thing I love are the money making and money rescue infomercials that are floating around on TV these days. I've already examined Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet millions ad which parades women in bikins around a high-priced estate, while two beautiful model-quality hosts talk to guys who "got rich" off Jeff Paul's easy-to-use internet product. Now let's look at the the Debt Cures 2 book by Kevin Trudeau, which is selling currently for prices of about $35 new and $27.55 used on Amazon.com. It makes you wonder if this updated Debt Cures title from Kevin Trudeau really contains all the magic answers to people's current credit problems. The skeptics come out in large numbers when Trudeau is concerned because of his shaky past. He's served time for fraud, and been involved in numerous lawsuits and other court actions against him and his ventures. While this is not unusual for entrepreneurs or business ventures to have their share of troubles, Trudeau treads on thin ice as the materials he presents usually involve health or money cures. Additionally, while he's served his time, it's still a glaring fact that he was involved in "credit card fraud". This is not a smear campaign though. It's very possible Trudeau offers some help for everyday citizens swimming in debt.

"Debt Cures II - What They Really Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau sells for $19.95 plus $11.95 shipping and handling via the book website. The official website for the product promises specific ways to reduce or eliminate your debt, lower the payments on loans and slash your overall credit card debt. Included in the deal for that $30 (which is equal to some credit card payments) are a "Free Money" Book, "Secrets To Easy Money" CD and a"Lower Your Payments" Guide. I'll have to admit that "Secrets to Easy Money" would be something I might fork over $30 for, because that's my main interest here. Easy money helps pay off credit card debt, so possibly that deal is worth our $30. It's an investment, which may be risky, but may ultimately help you gain more money to gain more financial freedom.

I've found personally that the best debt cures are persistence, determination and patience. The snowball effect is one of my favorites debt strategies for paying down credit card debt. It's just one strategy, where you simply target your smallest debt first, working as quickly as possible to pay that one off. Once you have, you gain a mental edge on your debts and momentum towards the next debt. You shift that former debt's monthly payment (the one you payed off) into your next smallest debt, and so forth until you're able to pay them all off, one by one. When you hit the final debt which would have been your biggest, you're able to devote several payments towards it to hit it harder. You're basically building a snowball of a bigger payment to attack those debts. For fun you can even imagine that the credit card companies are seeing the debt go down quicker than expected, and they're pounding their fists on the table enraged. I've used this tactic recently and in the past, and it has worked nicely each time. It doesn't guarantee a cure to your debt immediately, but it also doesn't require tactics like bankruptcy or consolidation. I once heard on a Suze Orman show that most of what the consolidation and credit counseling agencies do for a fee, you can really do on your own, to in effect save more money.

If you've read Debt Cures or Debt Cures II book by Kevin Trudeau, I'd love to hear your comments on the books below. Are they worth the money, or is it better to save that $30 and apply it towards your debts?

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