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The Monetizer has found another way to try to monetize and increase profits from your blog, known as "PayPerPost".

PayPerPost is a program that operates on a simple concept, in that they provide opportunities to write paid blog posts. You sign up for free, add your blog information and wait to be approved. According to their guidelines, the PPP staff takes a look at your blog's Alexa and Google rankings among a few other things to determine if you meet their criteria. Once you're approved, which could take several days, you are able to start accepting various Marketplace opportunities, which pay anywhere from $5 up into the $200 range. According to PayPerPost's front page some of their top bloggers earn a nice income in the thousands.

A recent scan of opportunities showed there were mostly opportunities in the $5 - $30 range. One cool thing is if you are approved for PPP, you can take the 1st opportunity to simply blog about their program, spreading the word to others. That post right there pays you $20. From there, you can take other opportunities based on topics that relate to your blog category. For example if you blog about health and fitness, there may be an opportunity to blog about a new health site. There are various "classified" style offers to be looked at in the Marketplace.

However, it's not just as easy as taking an opportunity, writing a quick post, sending it in and getting payed, as the paying customer/advertiser must approve of your post. Should they find it to be very poor in grammar and not on topic to promote their product or service, they could even prevent you from taking future opportunities with them.

The PayPerPost program seems to be a great thing because:
1) you get paid for blogging (some state they want just a minimum of 100 words)
2) it gives you something else to blog about. When you're stuck for a topic, why not check there and possibly get payed too? More content for your blog is always great, and if you've hit a rut about what to blog about, there's your opportunities and ideas.

It seems like a no-brainer in terms of another way to profit from your blog. With this one, you have selective control over what opportunities you take that will tie in with your blog's theme. PPP also offers you PayPerPost Direct, where you can insert code into your blog and allow advertisers to contact you and negotiate a price for a post. In addition, there's an affiliate program at PayPerPost, giving you a potential of 3 ways to monetize your blog.

Update: Monetizer signed up for PayPerPost several days ago and is awaiting approval, so we'll see how this goes! Updates to follow...

To get started head over and become a .

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