Make Money Online with Paid 2 YouTube?

The Monetizer will try anything when it comes to making money online. I've done surveys, blogs, websites, various affiliate programs, and even have looked into how to make money with data entry jobs. There's a world of possibilities online for making money, and experimenting with different program can pay off if done with some degree of caution. You never know when you'll stumble on the next big thing, or get lucky and rake in the dough with an opportunity. You might even find the next shortcut to internet millions. You also never know when you might get raked into a scam. The latest money making opportunity I'm testing is called Paid2YouTube, which is basically a website where you're paid to watch YouTube (and other) videos online. It doesn't take a whole lot of work, but then again it doesn't make a whole lot of money at once.

Before you get too excited, let me explain how it works. First off, I hurried over to the YouTube site and started watching cool little 1 minute videos. But that's not what you're paid for. I hurried back to my stats at the pay to site, and saw a balance of $0 still. That's because the Paid2YouTube site has its own list of video links (under the "Surf Videos" tab) that you are paid to watch. The list I was provided was about 6 videos, with only 1 on YouTube. It just happened to be someone's 6 minute make money online video to pitch a product. The other 5 or so were more interesting and entertaining to me. They included a radio control car with a camcorder attached on top (not good for those succeptible to motion-sickness), comedian Jeff Dunham's hiliarious ventriloquism act, and a video of a "Battle Bots" type fight between two radio controlled robots in a clear glass cage.

Now a few notes - So far it seems as if they only have the same six videos posted each day. So you'll be limited to those options until the site gives more choices of material. They have several categories listed, but only 2 have videos listed.

And a BIG NOTE: When you watch the "Videos From Other Websites", it will take you a site Megavideo site. In my past experience, if you aren't careful this site can have you install a toolbar which leads to some spyware. It took me a while back then to figure out how to clean my computer up. So the trick is, when it pops up the second website, close that one down. Stick with the red and green play arrow button you see on the Megavideo site, don't install anything!

Now about the payment from Paid2Youtube. Simply watching the video gets you a whopping 1 cent each! Comments bank you 10 cents and subscribing to a YouTube user's channel gets you 35 cents. Not the big money you were expecting, but the minimum payout is $10. With a referral program in place it is possible to generate some extra cash for gas money, groceries, or whatever else you may need it for. And if you like making money, getting that $10 can be seed money for starting a moneymaking website, with domain registration as low as $7.

It's took early for me to give this any sort of resounding nomination as a top moneymaker, because my account is still below $1, and I can't say I've been paid to YouTube just yet. Give it a try though for some additional seed money, but make sure you are cautious. I'll be back with an update on my moneymaking activities from the 2009 holidays and more! Best wishes!

Check out more about Paid2YouTube here.

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