Widgetbucks Pays as Promised!

Anyone currently running Widgetbucks on your blogs or websites? If so I'd like to assure you that Mpire, the company behind the Widget does pay up! Their FAQ states payments are made to Paypal within 45 days of the last day of the month you clear $50 total. I cleared that in June, and like clockwork Widgetbucks payed me August 15th.

An extra $54 isn't too shabby for blog income, but it takes quite a bit of traffic to generate. Now my decision will be do I continue running the widgets, or remove them and try a new advertiser? The Widgets have been known to slow down site performance a bit. There's plenty of options out there to replace the ads with as well.

Additionally, the Monetizer continues to wait for Ximmy.com to get their act together. After an effort to promote their site and earn referrals, I still wait for a payment, months later. If anyone out there has heard from them or seen a payment, feel free to comment!

(Note: For everyone using Paypal, consider ordering the Paypal Debit/Credit card if you don't already own one. You can then apply for the 1% cash back opportunity and every time you purchase with the card, you receive money back. Granted, it's 1% but it all adds up!)

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