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The Monetizer usually tries to stay away from copycatting other make money online bloggers, but learned of Blogrolled.com from my daily email via John Chow's blog. The concept behind Blogrolled.com is pretty cool as it allows you to sell Blogroll links on your blog without the fear that Google often brings about. You could also use it to find good blog sites to buy link love for yourself.

The beauty of Blogrolled.com is they are doing their best to help bloggers avoid Google penalizing them for selling links. In the past there's been issues with bloggers who used ReviewMe.com or PayPerPost, because they've been required place links from various websites in the review posts. Therefore sales are made and the blogger who sold the blogroll link must manually put a link into their blogroll, no code required. Other bloggers or advertisers simply search through the listing of blog sites offering links, and choose which ones to purchase, for a monthly flat rate. Not a bad idea to get yourself some link love. I'd also recommend bloggers who use the Entrecard system consider messaging bloggers in their niche via the EC site. I've been able to get my page rank up on a few other blogs this way.

On the Monetizer blog here, I've used the "Tip Me" type link widget up on my sidebar. It's worked well, but doesn't necessarily give people the link love they need. On some of my other blogs I tried the free blogroll link exchanges, but also realize that some of my other blogs have better ranks and could possibly fetch some money. It's all about not leaving money on the table, if you're trying to profit online. So it just might be time to experiment!

Check out Blogrolled.com for more info!

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