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Since moving to a new state I've been reduced to using dialup for a bit of time, making it more of a challenge to post to blogs and complete other tasks. That said, I wanted to provide a bunch of ways for people to make money online without having the stress/complication of running a website or blog to do it. So here are just 10 ways you can profit online without owning your own website..

1) eBay - Since moving to a new place I've been putting a lot more items on eBay. The key factor here is you really need to evaluate the items you just can't get rid of. It's easy to say that about a lot of things we own, but if you can part with things that just aren't being used, there's extra money. I also am starting to investigate the local consignment and Goodwill type stores for electronics. These can be gold mines for resale of items.

2) Associated Content - With AC you are paid for your unique written articles. These are upfront payments or performance payments. Sometimes AC will accept your articles for upfront payment and you'll see money to your PayPal within a week. Depending on your article you can see from $3-$4 for your articles. Other times you will only be approved for performance payment, meaning you get $1.50 for every 1,000 views your article gets. AC also provides you with topics you can write if you choose and some pay from $5-$10 each.

3) Cash Crate - It's a "get paid to" and "paid survey site" but I've found it very easy to earn with and reliable for payouts. It's all about the time you're willing to put in to either do things on the site yourself, or get others to signup who will earn you referral money. Cash Crate includes paid surveys at 80 cent a piece, various sign up offers which pay you, as well as points offers where you can earn prizes such as gift cards and electronics.

4) Gather - A social media type community. You start out earning points for uploading content like articles, images and videos, as well as getting and giving comments and more. If you earn 3,000 points in a month on the site you may be invited to their cash program, where 3,000 pts = $50. The gift cards are nice from Borders, Macy's, Home Depot, and Omaha Steaks among others.

5) Squidoo - I can't recommend this site enough because I like it's look and feel. It is a free place to make a lens page about any topic you choose and you can make as many as you want. So the possibilities are endless for specific topics you can make a page about. You then earn based on performance of your page as you receive a cut of the Adsense revenue. You also earn royalties should you put Amazon, eBay and any of a variety of other products on your page that someone buys.

6) HubPages - I've used it less than Squidoo, but it follows the same concept with revenue share. The difference here is Hub Pages will allow you full commission of Adsense money from your pages. You just need to be signed up with Adsense first and supply your Publisher ID.

7) Ximmy - A newer site I've found which is alot like Digg, but it pays you for votes, comments and hitting the front page. 1,000 points = $10. There's also a great affiliate program paying out 50 cents per member you refer, with minimum payout at $25.

8) Amazon Mechanical Turk - It's a site where you are paid to do tasks that computers can't easily do. Everything from locating maps or contracts online to creating javascript code or transcribing MP3 lectures to text. Some tasks give very low payouts of a few cents but allow for you to do them 1000's of times. Others pay $1-$10 and more for completion but require tougher work.

9) CafePress - If you've got that fashion designer or artistic knack, this site could be for you. Cafepress allows you to create your own custom designs on an art program then upload them. The designs are put on mugs, shirts, moues pads and other clothing items/accessories.

10) Image/photo sites - There's quite a few of these going on on the internet. Some are sites where you flat out sell your original digital photos and interested buyers pay to download and use them. Other sites will pay you per impressions or views of your photo. Copyright applies to most of these sites, so make sure the pictures you upload belong to you.

Out of the above listed items, my biggest moneymakers have been eBay followed by Squidoo, AC and then Cash Crate. Associated Content is also the fastest payer of any online money making site I've found, as you are paid within a few days of your article being approved. Try the above ideas out for additional sources of income, but remember often times the money you make is closely related to how willing you are to put in work and effort.

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