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With the start of my part time eBay business, The Monetizer did plenty of research, and continues to do so. Preparation and focus is definitely the best way to get any business idea off the ground. During my research, I found that smart sellers rely upon a free and effective website which I had never known of. The site called Auctiva.com, offers many great features for anyone looking to do part-time to more serious selling on eBay. The Monetizer fully supports this website as it can increase your eBay sales potential overall!

Let's take a look at what Auctiva offers you as an eBay seller...

auctiva.com templates
(A look at just a few of the free eBay templates Auctiva offers!)

Auctiva makes the listing process so much easier for Sellers. If you've discovered that auctions ending on a certain day and time do best, you can set your listing up, save it, and just log in to "Post" the listing at your convenience. Auctiva automatically uploads your listing to eBay (provided you have signed up with Auctiva and provided your eBay info). Auctiva also allows you to prepare eBay listings for future post to eBay, similar to Blogger's function of posting future blog entries. So if you were going away for a weekend you could set up auctions in advance and have them post on Sunday. Auctiva also provides a large selection of free graphic templates to jazz up your auctions. There's hundreds of templates, with everything from Holiday themes to electronics to Adult themes and clothing themes. Additionally, Auctiva allows you to store shipping and payment information (such as your accepted payment type, shipping zip code and policies). Perhaps the best feature is the ability to upload and host 24 images per auction for free. It makes for a great savings, rather than paying eBay fees to host images.

auctiva scrolling widget
(A stylish widget can be displayed on all of your eBay auctions!)

In addition, Auctiva offers a clever "Scrolling auction" widget you may have seen on some eBay auctions (see picture above). The widget shows all of the items a seller currently has up for auction, which can greatly increase sales. For example, if for Halloween you're selling 3 different kids' costumes, having them all display on each other's auction pages is a nice feature. A buyer may decide they don't want the Dark Knight Joker costume but prefer to buy a Jack Sparrow costume from Pirates. They'll see the other option on the auction pages, and click to the costume they like more, helping your sales.

I highly recommend anyone who does serious or part-time selling on eBay to sign up for a free Auctiva account. I don't receive commissions or referral fees, but believe in this website as a great way to boost your eBay sales. Auctiva offers payed options as well, which I have yet to investigate, but suspect they work just as well. Head over to Auctiva, give it a try and see for yourself how easily it can automate your eBay workload!

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