A Really Scary Ghost Story

Really Scary Ghost Story Ok, Halloween is long past, but I wanted to share a really scary ghost story with you. The story is actually about each of us as individuals, and originates from Napoleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich". The book isn't on the level of Stephen King horror, but it can be just as scary.

The story is that we each face the really scary "Six Ghosts of Fear". These vicious apparitions are what hold us back in our lives and prevent us from achieving the true success that we all deserve, even in blogging or making money online.

Six Ghosts of Fear:

    Ghost 1 is the Fear of Poverty
    Ghost 2 is the Fear of Love Loss
    Ghost 3 is the Fear of Illness
    Ghost 4 is the Fear of Old Age
    Ghost 5 is the Fear of Criticism
    Ghost 6 is the Fear of Death

As Hill mentions, many people will be quick to tell you they fear nothing, when in fact deep down in their subconscious they fear at least one of these. It may not be something they speak of often, but it exists and may even be what drives them. These fears are detrimental to our well-being and enjoyment of our lives though. They often lead us to other problems as well. For example a constant fear of love loss or illness can in fact manifest itself as illness in us. Bloggers most likely face the fear of criticism more often, or even the fear of poverty if they quit their jobs to blog.

So, I think that you'll agree this is a really scary ghost story. Often the scariest story of them all unfolds when we start evaluating our own flaws. That's not meant harshly, but often we are afraid to face these things. Others may be a better source of evaluation for what haunts us. Ask yourself which of these six scary ghosts do you really fear the most? Napoleon Hill basically says that once we face these ghosts of fear and learn to eliminate them, we can be on our way to true success.

And for a really scary ghost story on DVD, see:
The Exorcist (The Version You've Never Seen)

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