Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions - for Real or Scam?

(Jeff Paul - moneymaking plan or scam?)

So are there really shortcuts to make fast money online? Well in the current information age many internet marketers would love for you to believe so including a man named Jeff Paul. I just caught the second half of one of his infomercials they run about how people make quick money online. The commercial was for Jeff Paul's "Shortcuts to Millions" which includes information and websites guaranteed to make you money. The promotional ad featured "examples of success stories" from older men around an estate's luxurious swimming pool, with babes in bikinis hanging out poolside. The main hostesses were also hot babes in tight outfits, speaking in front of new sports cars about everyone's other favorite subject, money. It's unknown if the hostesses themselves were millionaires, but that's another story...

(Jeff Paul girls - Palumbo and Hayes)

Extra info: For anyone wondering, the Jeff Paul girls seen in the new commercial are brunette babe Carmen Palumbo and blond bombshell Stacey Hayes (seen above). The previous infomercial featured two busty Jeff Paul babes, Kelly Britz and Tina Milano, discussing how easily they created moneymaking websites and even taught their "girlfriends" to do the same with Jeff's easy system.

Most likely the advertisement wanted viewers to see how great life is for these guys now that they earn automatic income by making money online. As we all know sex sells and even Napoleon Hill mentioned how most men are concerned with earning money to impress women. The Jeff Paul Internet Millions ad featured various people talking about the success they had with Jeff's internet millions system. One guy mentioned how he is living his dream life, debt free after two bankruptcies and having a long walk near the edge of a cliff. You can check out Jeff's about me page here to see his rags to riches story about making money online. According to the story, he was once in debt over $140,000 but turned it all around to become an internet millionaire. Jeff showed examples of daily checks he has now generated ranging from $5,700 to $14,000. Of course the fine print at the bottom of the infomercial read "results vary".

As for shortcuts to making money online, if there were some we'd all be using them. The shortcuts usually involve a lot of time and effort or a lot of your money coming out of pocket. This particular product included guides and DVD's on "Automated Income", "Quick Start" and "10 Free Instant Website Businesses Guaranteed to Make you Money". Funny thing is that the guy selling this is showing us for free the best shortcut to generating wealth: create and sell your own product to others. If it talks about how to make money and people jump on it, you've found a shortcut, no matter if the product works or not. You can judge that by the number of Make Money Online blogs in existence, just on Entrecard alone. Jeff Paul's product is just $40, with your money guaranteed back if you don't make money. I'm not pitching his product because I've never used it and have seen some reviews & scam alerts for it online, plus as many of us know learning is free these days and many of the ideas people are selling are just collections of various information we can all find on our own, for free.

As for my own make money online recommendations, here's your quick start to make money online: Set up a blog, whether it be free with Blogger or self-hosted on Wordpress. The latter is the better option as it can provide more ways to make money. Find a profitable topic you can blog about to build your blog site around, and find products or advertising to go with it. Using those sites with Google Adsense, Affiliate programs or to market and sell your own e-book, online course or product is a definite way to make automated passive income. But be forewarned, you will need to put in some work, or some money to get it done. You'll also face competition and other obstacles, but the payoff can be quite nice if you learn how to do things for free, online.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly think it's a complete waste of money. That's just my opinion but if you want to see why I think it sucks, check out my review on it.


themcbee said...

I'm almost out of jeff paul hell after three days of calls, e-mail, visa card discussions, and a charge reversal application. STAY AWAY !!! If I would have looked before the sweet girls talked me into the BIG UP-SELL I would have saved 3 days of my life. They almost got 7k from me.

Gregory Drake said...

I purchased the course and i noticed that it was completely automated and led me through 2 more monthly pay to play offers... i realize it is not a scam just a basic marketing funnel. One of his sales offices are out here in California where i live.. his coaching program is up to $20k... he does what he does well, better to copy him than to buy from hime...


honusurf said...

There is no short cut to making money. Making money is the hardest thing in the world, don't believe him!

Chris said...

Just watched the infomercial on the television and then did a Google search, and here's where I end up.
Very good comments and yes it is hard to make money. I believe in the phrase "Time is money" If you did or were to sell something especially a product like this one, Jeff Paul's was to get you see luxury and cute babes.
I'm sure by writing "Results
Vary" is like writing "warning hot coffee" on a Dunkin' Donuts Styrofoam cup that is for hot coffee, allows to sell cause of an obvious warning that ya that coffee is going to burn you if you spilled it on yourself, and if you buy Jeff Paul's product that chance of it working is slim to none basically. But look at it through his eyes you convince people a chance for millions by only paying 40 bucks.
Remember it's better to have more people buy your product at a short profit rather than have less people buy at a huge profit. And that's what he does which if you think about it, this anybody can do.
Ha, ha, there's your shortcut now send a L-O-L and $19.95 to me. If you get rich over the years, don't forget about me, baby.

So,,, what are you waiting for what can you buy for $20 or get for free and refresh it up to date and sell on the internet for $40 and still keep flipping try it out.
How fast can you flip in one day or two hours.
"Time is Money"

Chris 27

Bartendertrav said...

Saw this infomercial as well and looked online to see what it is all about and got some good info. You start to wonder if this guy gets any business cause of the access to such information, but I guess some people live in the dark ages.

Kyle said...

"Jeff Paul's Shortcut to Internet Millions Teaches Hard Lessons" by A 16 Year Old

I saw this guy on TV and couldn't keep my muoth shut.
Uhhh....for one, the guy just looks like a total sleaze-ballish douche bag. How the hell does anyone buy into this crap??? Two pretty women talking on the TV? AWFUL ACTING by the way (by EVERYONE, not just the girls).

Taking advantage of people's greed is actually a good business to get into. Good, sensible people will know right away, "that's a bunch of crap!" and the greedy sons of bitches out there will buy your "money-making" product and hopefully learn valuable lessons by doing so. So, in that sense, I'm glad this product exists. It doesn't harm people with common sense because they know not to buy it in the first place, and the not-so-bright people...well they deserve what happens to them if they buy into something as retarded as this because they are blinded by greed. It's not one of the seven deadly sins for nothing, you know... It really bites you in the ass if you're a big enough idiot to let it.

Normally, I'd say "If they will walk into the pit, so be it. Let them burn." But I'm feeling generous, so I'm going to share with everyone a few bits of the most valuable asset in the universe: wisdom.

Seriously people, there are literally BILLIONS of websites out there trying to make money. What the hell makes you think you're going to start sweeping the GIANT internet market with a couple of sites that NOBODY will even know exist? Maybe a few will come, but that doesn't make much difference considering the thousands of dollars you will lose if you get this product. If you want to make money on the internet, half-ass effort won't work, and anyone looking to buy Jeff Paul's product is looking to give only a half-assed effort at the MOST. Internet marketing is very hard to become successful in. WHY? Because it takes vision and drive to set your site apart from a billion others. If you're looking for super easy, family-sustainable income and figure that the internet is the place to get it, then you are at fault on two fronts. One: you're an idiot, it's NOT easy! Two: the fact that you're looking for easy money just goes to show that you don't have the drive necessary to set up a successful business period, on the internet or otherwise.

So if you are just looking to make some easy money on the internet AND some people have insinuated to you or their friends that you are a total fucking moron or likewise; my suggestion to you is STAY AWAY! YOU WILL FAIL!

BUT if you think you have a great idea for a business and are willing to treat that business as if it were your own child, then you're off to a good start at setting up a successful internet business. If you truly care about what you are making or selling, then cash just may be easier to make than you've ever imagined. Of course, there's no guarantee of success for any business, but that's why an entrepreneurial spirit is so important!

Sometimes, the less worried you are about making money, the easier it is to make.

Starchini said...

Kyle: "and the greedy sons of bitches out there will buy your "money-making" product and hopefully learn valuable lessons by doing so"

Thats a pretty ignorant thing to say. I am a wife and mother that wants to stay at home with my baby and be able to make a little money to help my husband with the bills, in no way am I greedy. Im just desperate for a little guidance in how to get into making money online, i know its possible and that doesnt mean that im not driven or that I think it will be easy, if anything its the opposite.

Dont be so quick to judge, your not as philosophical as you think you are.

Greg said...

If you ordered Jeff Paul's Internet Millions you need to do the following:

- Change your phone#. Verizon changed my wireless for $15

- Have your credit card company change your account #.

Capital One just changed mine in 10 minutes. Take

the loss on the $39.95 start-up package and change your #

to avoid the recurring charges that will come.

Fortunately, I was able to do all this within 2 days of ordering the start-up kit - I haven't even received it yet.

After 2 days of researching on the net (I know, that is what I should have done to begin with) I was able to determine this was the best course of action to diffuse the situation. I hope I'm right.

sheebu khan said...

after watching this flamboyant infomercial it is inevitable to think that such things are possible as becomming a millionare in short time. but frankly speaking this is just not possible and if it had been possible why would joff Paul disclose his secret to every one just for $40. I would suggest not to be carried off with such lucrative looking offers insted use a little conscience before deciding to go ahead. Google. the concept described here is simple, it is just workign for other to get a share of the cake.
I will tell you this in my next blog

Kyle said...

"Thats a pretty ignorant thing to say. I am a wife and mother that wants to stay at home with my baby and be able to make a little money to help my husband with the bills, in no way am I greedy. Im just desperate for a little guidance in how to get into making money online, i know its possible and that doesnt mean that im not driven or that I think it will be easy, if anything its the opposite.

Dont be so quick to judge, your not as philosophical as you think you are."

Starchini...you're not really getting my point. And I can see that you merely scanned what I had to say, and took a hard-hitting comment completely out of context. That's okay. I do the same thing sometimes :).

It's true that desperate times can instill greed. Everyone's greedy to an extent. Greed isn't always personified by the stereotypical "evil, corrupt, and rich businessman" or a thief or mugger on the streets. People may like to visualize greed like that to assure themselves of their blameless nature. Try looking outside the box, here.

The title of Jeff Paul's product isn't "Shortcuts to Internet Hundreds", but "Millions". After watching his infomercial, I can say with certainty that Jeff Paul wants people to take that title literally. He throws countless "success stories" at the viewer, where people are making tens of thousands of dollars every week! Sounds great, doesn't it? If only it were true. I'm surprised if people would make ANY money with the methods that Jeff Paul hints at on the infomercial. Anyone that trusts a product with such a deceiving infomercial as this is a fool.

Jeff Paul's product may cost $40 initially, but that's just scratching the surface of the thousands more they will want you to pay. So if you are financially in dire straits as it is, then this obviously isn't for you.

It just doesn't make sense to buy such an expensive product that that gives "guidance" on how to do something....when you can find better and more trustworthy guidance on the internet for free! You can pretty much find any information on the internet for free if you know where to look. Just google it. hehe.

Be careful, because this product is riding on people's ignorance of the workings of the internet and even economics itself to get sold.

I pretty much said all of this in my earlier post, but not in such a sugar-coated way.

I'm practicaly telling you not to throw yourself into hell. Why anyone would take offense to that because of personal pride is beyond my understanding. If you dismiss my social observances or even my credibility because of my youth, the only psyche you will be doing harm to is your own.

HYIP Spy said...

You know I read this and I look and see those that tried this for a week or a month or whatever and I wonder all of a sudden what makes them experts on this system. To be honest, I have the system and it works. You will not make millions overnight and you can avoid all the phone calls by using your caller ID and simply not answering. I just wonder is that how everyone on the internet does business - try something for a week and if it does not work, move on. Sounds way too ADHD to me. I have a successful on and offline business and I did not get it rolling in a week or a month or a year. The break even point - even online my friends is three years - uhhh say that again - three years, yep that's the average. Don't count yourself smart because something starts making money the first week because to sustain that is going to require a LOT of work. AND don't put down someone's system because you couldn't make it work in a short period of time OR because the person has follow-up marketing techniques. ALL of us with a business online do this, be it by phone or email. If you don't follow-up your biz is going to die a horrible dotcom death. If you bought the system try it for a while. If it doesn't work for you STOP! It really is that easy. As far as stopping subscriptions etc. don't give up and start rearranging your life after a week. I had the same problem with Sears - just keep on until yuou get what YOU want!

Georgeta said...

I just ordered the books, but feel it WAS A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! I am sccared he will take money out of my account without my authorization. I will return the books, in fact I wanted to cancel the order, but there is no way of doing so!!!! No even a phone number!!!! What should I do!!!!! Do I really need to change my account number and phone number???? Please advise!!!!!!

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