Win an eBay Gift Card from Vitamin eBay!

John Paul writes the eBay themed blog "Vitamin eBay" which covers the world of eBay selling as well as other interesting tidbits related to the auction site. John's a current eBay Powerseller (www,asapsellsit.com) and right now is offering a $25 eBay gift card in a New Year's contest he's running for the next week. Entry simply requires heading over to the contest post at Vitamin eBay and leaving your email in the comments.

You can gain bonus entries by doing any of the following:

-Post the giveaway on Twitter.
-Post the giveaway on your blog.
-Post the giveaway on a group or forum discussion board.
-Post the giveaway anywhere that someone other than yourself might see it. (keep it clean)

The winner of the $25 eBay gift card will be chosen in a week from today, so get on it folks! $25 on eBay is a nice extra for many people these days. It could provide you with a special gift to pamper yourself in these tougher economic times or allow you to resell the gift card for a small cash bonus!

Make sure to refer to the official Vitamin eBay contest post for full details. Good luck to all who enter!

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