Google Gmail Autopilot by CADIE Released!

cadie panda google autopilot creator
(Google Autopilot by CADIE)

E-mail just got a whole lot easier with the new Google Gmail Autopilot! While it's not as big a story as the recent April 1st Conflicker worm virus, Google's cool new application known as Google Autopilot is set to simplify the way you handle your daily emails. The new application designed by the web wonders will automatically create custom responses to your emails for you, because we get busy enough trying to keep up with all the emails we get.

According to the Autopilot information page, Google Autopilot will mirror your communication style when it creates responses:

The more Gmail messages Autopilot can sample, the better. With fewer than 100 messages, there may not be enough data to calibrate Autopilot effectively. You can adjust tone, typo propensity, and preferred punctuation from the Autopilot tab under Settings.

The good news is Google Autopilot also works with Gmail chat and both the sender and receiver can be using Autopilot at the same time.

In case you're wondering the designer of Google Autopilot is CADIE, or Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. You can view their official webpage here. CADIE is the cute panda graphic you see on this blogpost, and offers the capability to create web code for users in addition to this nifty new email technology.

I suggest you give Google Autopilot a try today if you're looking to make life easier and keep all your email under control! Enjoy!

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