Read Yourself into a Fortune!

Monetizer just finished reading a great book called "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. This timeless work was first published way back in 1960. However when you read it, you realize its concepts still apply today. The book was created by Hill after Andrew Carnegie disclosed to him his secrets for wealth building. Hill studied hundreds of other successful, wealthy individuals such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Gandhi, and Mohammed. The book uses these valuable stories from history in combination with several key steps necessary to achieve riches.

The most basic premise of "Think and Grow Rich" is one which may seem common to many; that we are personally responsible for making our lives a success and for creating our fortunes. It's all about the power of the mind and learning to safeguard it from negative influences. Most importantly, it's about learning to take control of your life, apply specialized knowledge, tap into creativity, avoid negativity, and put into practice your plans to create wealth.

Several valuable concepts you'll read about in the book:

    - How people with unfavorable circumstances created very successful ventures.

    - Deciding the exact wealth you want and how to achieve it.

    - The concept of a "Master Mind" group.

    - The "Six Ghosts of Fear" we all deal with and how to banish them.

    - 30 reasons for personal failure

    - The traits of a successful leader

    - 55 "If" questions which always get in our way

    - How sex is important to our success (no lie, there's a chapter on it!)

I won't list all of the concepts that are mentioned, but there's plenty to digest. I found this book to be extremely powerful and sensible. If you read it with an open mind, you're going to learn quite a bit about yourself and about how to take charge of your life. Once you have that under control, you'll create a plan and begin to overcome all circumstances in order to be successful. The book can also aid you in online money making as you put the ideas into practice, because you'll start to see what barriers block your success there. If you read this book, you will surely profit from it. It's one investment well worth the price of the book or the time you'll spend reading it.

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