Paid2YouTube Review update

Well it's been over a month now since I've been part of the Paid2YouTube make money opportunity. That's the site where you are paid to watch YouTube videos (although they had a lot of other sites that you were directed to). At this point, it's not a make money program I'm going to recommend wholeheartedly, mainly because the last several times I've logged in there was only 1 opportunity to watch a video. That calculates to making a few cents a day off this site, and honestly your time spent logging in would be better spent logging into another site.

However, if you're able to generate hundreds of referrals to the Paid2YouTube program you might have a chance at some money, if they are earning that 5 cents a day. It's a tough sell for me, unless they upgrade the opportunities to maybe 10 a day. They do offer an opportunity to buy referrals, with the lowest amount costing around $7 or so. Still I would avoid putting too much time in with it. Alot like Cash Crate, you'll need a huge amount of referrals to make easy money with Paid2YouTube, and it's certainly not your shortcut to internet millions!

Instead of wasting time with those "get paid to do something" sites, I'd recommend learning to build passive income via blogging, websites, through an e-book or internet product, or from writing articles which get heavy search traffic. It may not seem glamorous or easy at first, but I'm finding these are the ways towards big money online!

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