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One thing I love are the money making and money rescue infomercials that are floating around on TV these days. I've already examined Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet millions ad which parades women in bikins around a high-priced estate, while two beautiful model-quality hosts talk to guys who "got rich" off Jeff Paul's easy-to-use internet product. Now let's look at the the Debt Cures 2 book by Kevin Trudeau, which is selling currently for prices of about $35 new and $27.55 used on Amazon.com. It makes you wonder if this updated Debt Cures title from Kevin Trudeau really contains all the magic answers to people's current credit problems. The skeptics come out in large numbers when Trudeau is concerned because of his shaky past. He's served time for fraud, and been involved in numerous lawsuits and other court actions against him and his ventures. While this is not unusual for entrepreneurs or business ventures to have their share of troubles, Trudeau treads on thin ice as the materials he presents usually involve health or money cures. Additionally, while he's served his time, it's still a glaring fact that he was involved in "credit card fraud". This is not a smear campaign though. It's very possible Trudeau offers some help for everyday citizens swimming in debt.

"Debt Cures II - What They Really Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau sells for $19.95 plus $11.95 shipping and handling via the book website. The official website for the product promises specific ways to reduce or eliminate your debt, lower the payments on loans and slash your overall credit card debt. Included in the deal for that $30 (which is equal to some credit card payments) are a "Free Money" Book, "Secrets To Easy Money" CD and a"Lower Your Payments" Guide. I'll have to admit that "Secrets to Easy Money" would be something I might fork over $30 for, because that's my main interest here. Easy money helps pay off credit card debt, so possibly that deal is worth our $30. It's an investment, which may be risky, but may ultimately help you gain more money to gain more financial freedom.

I've found personally that the best debt cures are persistence, determination and patience. The snowball effect is one of my favorites debt strategies for paying down credit card debt. It's just one strategy, where you simply target your smallest debt first, working as quickly as possible to pay that one off. Once you have, you gain a mental edge on your debts and momentum towards the next debt. You shift that former debt's monthly payment (the one you payed off) into your next smallest debt, and so forth until you're able to pay them all off, one by one. When you hit the final debt which would have been your biggest, you're able to devote several payments towards it to hit it harder. You're basically building a snowball of a bigger payment to attack those debts. For fun you can even imagine that the credit card companies are seeing the debt go down quicker than expected, and they're pounding their fists on the table enraged. I've used this tactic recently and in the past, and it has worked nicely each time. It doesn't guarantee a cure to your debt immediately, but it also doesn't require tactics like bankruptcy or consolidation. I once heard on a Suze Orman show that most of what the consolidation and credit counseling agencies do for a fee, you can really do on your own, to in effect save more money.

If you've read Debt Cures or Debt Cures II book by Kevin Trudeau, I'd love to hear your comments on the books below. Are they worth the money, or is it better to save that $30 and apply it towards your debts?

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