Make Money with Clickbank Project Part 1

Well folks, there's nothing like making money online. July 2009 was my best month so far, thanks to working hard and creating Hubs, infobarrels, articles for directories, and many, many blog posts as usual. Google Adsense, EPN sales, some affiliate sales and chitika all helped me earn a very nice sum that I'll see during August 2009. But I'll be honest, I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote.... Yes at times, I thought my hands were getting carpel tunnel syndrome, or that my eyes would explode out of my head, but it all pays off (and I still have both eyes and both hands).

Don't get me wrong, because writing is something I've always loved. But usually when it's about topics I want to write about...So it can get tedious when it's the topics that make money.

In this post I'll talk about making money with hubpages, the whole Ebay Partner Network debacle with links, and my latest project which will be learning how to make money with Clickbank.

Hubpages Boosted my Online Income

Hubpages is something I strongly suggest to anyone who believes it's:

1)impossible to make decent money online OR
2)thinks it's hard to get your stuff ranked in search engines

I found that Hubpages can make you a very nice amount of money, and for someone who's new to the MMO game, you'll probably want to use that as your stepping stone into bigger and better things. How much money you make there really depends on picking the best topics you can (in terms of decent traffic & low competition for searches), and also on making 50+ hubs. I know that's staggering. It took me at least a month or so to create that many hubs, and my flaw if you want to call it that is wanting every hub to be informative, original and sound smart. That can be a tall order, and take lots of research! But like I said, it did pay off for me, and I believe it will pay off for you as well. You can look at the Hubpages project as a way to fund buying your own website for blogging or other make money purposes.

Ebay Partner Network - In or Out?

As of this post I have no clue whether I will receive my pending earnings for EPN which are greater this past month than ever before. As you know, EPN changed up their rules bigtime, outlawing publishers from using EPN links in places like free blogger blogs, squidoo, hubpages, twitter, myspace, etc. It made a lot of people nervous since they get a nice sum of money from EPN each month. It made me nervous for a bit, but it's not my sole income. I realized I have a lot of Internet properties between squidoo, hubs, sites and blogger blogs. I did my best to remove all EPN links I could from those "3rd party" sources, but it may have been in vain. At one point, I finally decided I had done the best I could with it. If I missed a link or two and they kick me out, so be it, but I gave it my best go to get cleaned up. There comes a point when your time needs to be spent elsewhere, and time is money. I know that if I'm booted from EPN, I still have other sources to make money online. Hope any readers with EPN did the same if they had this situation..

Make Money with Clickbank Project

Now there's nothing I love more than a good challenge. I've been able to make money online with a survey site, with article sites, with eBay sales, ebay partner, Amazon, Chitika and others. Something you haven't seen me talk a lot about on here is affiliate marketing, in particular using Clickbank. This is something I stayed away from due to a lack of understanding, but now it's time to throw that caution into the wind. My goal now is to start working the Clickbank affiliate program that many people claim can really help you bring in some serious money. Now again, I realize it doesn't just happen. Google Adsense took me several months before I even reached that elusive $100 minimum. And it was because I was clueless about what to do, what topics to use how to get found, etc. With Clickbank, I feel a bit more confident, but will feel better once I see some sales roll in. I'm going to create 10 different free blogger blogs to try my hand at 10 CB products. I've already got 4 done with a few posts, which will include the product review.

I've found all sorts of schools of thought on how to go about promoting CB products. Some say Squidoo is the best way to go. Some say to use free blogger blogs and post to Google/Yahoo groups with your link in the signature. Some recommend that you absolutely must have your own domain self-hosted site. I read one blog which recommended setting up ads on USFreeAds. So I purchased a one year's membership there for $10, and will use that method in addition to some others such as Craigslist and SEO. I'm anxious to get some sales, but at the same time don't want my other income to suffer. So I'll tread a bit cautiously but will report back results to see if I find any useful info to help others in their quest with Clickbank.

I also want to recommend people check out my review of The Rich Jerk, which is a great ebook to get if you need to get yourself motivated for making money online. If anyone knows of any good books, sites, blogs that have CB advice or strategy, feel free to leave your comments below!

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