17 Bookmarking Sites that Dofollow You

The Monetizer uses the great website resource Socialmarker.com quite often to help spread the word about various blog entries and also help with getting link love. This plays a huge part in getting noticed by search engines like Google & Yahoo. I've noticed within a day sometimes that a blog entry I submitted to Socialmarker's sites as well as a few other places gets to the front page of Google search results. Not too shabby.

Here's a list of sites you might want to join, because according to Socialmarker these "Dofollow", meaning your links will have relevance and power on their sites. These can provide you with great links back to your content which can help increase page rank and your chances at being discovered.

Without further ado, here are the bookmarking sites that Dofollow:










Buddy Marks


A1 Webmarks



Bookmark Tracker

Health Ranker


Utilize the above list sparingly. For example try not to send 10 entries to each site from your blog one after the other. This could get you banned and hurt your chances at gaining links. Also, if you get spare time you may want to check into networking on the various sites. As you gain friends and connections, they may do you a favor and also bookmark your content. Also if your in the make money online niche, these sites can help gain you new referrals in turn making you money.

To get all these sites you can use the website Socialmarker.com and click on the "Dofollow" link above all the sites if you want to submit to just those sites, but I'd recommend submitting your link to as many bookmark sites as you can.

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