iPod Touch Giveaway

The iPod Touch pictured here is one sweet piece of technology, and it seems blogs are just giving them away these days. Monetizer managed to find us a contest over at this new mixed drink recipe site called "Mixed Drink World". These guys offer a cool site about you guessed it, mixed drinks and even how to make your own cocktail recipes. Not only that but they have decided to give away 1 iPod Touch to a lucky winner by November 30th, just for blogging about their contest. Doesn't get much easier than this..

Head over to the win a new IPOD Touch blog contest and check it out if you want a shot at one cool piece of technology. I'm thinking I made the right decision to sell my 30 gig today, because through positive karma and this contest, the iPod will come back to me.

How to Win $100 Part 3

Hundred Dollar Bill $100 Ok, the Monetizer promises no more $100 contests (for now). This is part 3 of my "in-depth" series with yet another way for your to win $100 to your PayPal. I think either myself or one of my readers deserves the prize. This contest is named the "$100 Linkback Contest!" and it's sponsored by KingNomar.com.

The contest is being run by King Nomar (not the baseball player), an online entrepreneur like many of us just looking for ways to make money online via an internet business venture. His blog deals with the topics of SEO, blogging and moneymaking among other random musings. The contest is to generate buzz for his webmaster forum which is a growing webmaster community Nomar has created. To enter you simply need to give him a backlink in a post about the contest and then contact Nomar to let him know you did so. Nomar runs a cool site all about . Monetizer already missed the early entry prize of $5, but the $100 is still available.

The $100 Linkback contest ends in a few days so you'll need to do it quickly to get into the running. This will once again give you a chance at $100 sent to your PayPal account.

So now you have 3 ways to win $100 online including the following:

How to Win $100 Part 2

Win $100 with Writer's Manifesto! (aka Part 1)

How to Win $100 Part 2

In part 1 of this series (the previous post) the Monetizer showed you one way to win a cool, crisp $100. Here's yet another way to score that hundred dollar bill (straight to PayPal) with a contest sponsored by 134u.com called the "My Lucky Number 13 first Contest".

The contest is being held to celebrate the 2 month anniversary/birthday of the "My Lucky Number 13" personal blog site. The blog is written by Diana Bajenaru who describes herself as a workaholic and has her own small company. She's also dabbled in internet work, has built websites and a B2B portal and is constantly learning about SEO, SEM and programming. Her blog provides some great tips on the aforementioned topics as well as blogging and moneymaking. And now her blog provides you a simple way to win $100.

Writing a 100 word blog post (with 2 backlinks) about the contest will get you 2 entries, while subscribing to the RSS gets you 1 entry and subscribing by email gets you 2 more. The contest runs until December 13th, so you have plenty of time to get your entries in. To enter stop by the contest page for all the details.

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