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In blogging, there's no real rule for how or what you write. That's the beauty of it, you jot down your thoughts in the form you want and publish to the world. Better writing skills can never hurt though and can actually help you make money online through freelancing or paid article services. The Writers Manifesto is a blog written by Monika Mundell all about how you can be a much better writer. Monika has been working on going from employee to financial freedom through freelance writing, internet marketing and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Writers Manifesto blog offers you a wealth of creative and well presented info on improving your writing skills as well as making money and marketing yourself or your writing. Monika presents her content with a great positive attitude as she chronicles her journeys in writing and making a steady income online. There is a quick start guide to earning money online through article writing which offers some great tips as well as a good list of money makers. Not everyone enjoys writing, but if you do or want to improve then this blog is definitely one to subscribe to.

Right now Writers Manifesto is also holding a "Shake it Up Contest" for a prize of $100. The contest works by collecting brownie points for the November 30th drawing. You can increase entries by writing a review of the site, making a YouTube video. subscribing to the RSS feed and more. Check out the Shake it Up Contest here. There's just a few days left to enter, so stop by and comment the contest post to get 1 entry. Become a better writer and possibly win $100, can't beat that deal!

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