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Welcome to "Make Money Online with the Monetizer"! I will be your host for this blog, The Monetizer. While some may see me as a green, shifty-eyed character with a dollar sign on his hat, don't mistrust, as I am here to help :) My goal is to find the best ways for people to make money online, to review new technologies that may help your site or blog, and give general tips about promoting, social media and much more!

And now a few things about The Monetizer:

- The Monetizer likes to make money online and find new ways to do that.

- The Monetizer wants to help others make money, learn technology and improve their blogs/sites.

- The Monetizer doesn't like snakes, spiders, spam or scams.

- The Monetizer talks in 3rd person a lot. Maybe too much :)

- The Monetizer has been a regular internet user for a good while now and knows whats to like and dislike in sites. (i.e. style, missing features, ease of use)

- The Monetizer runs several blogs. Some of which make a good bit of money. "Good bit" is all relative to your beliefs, but Monetizer has seen profits and realizes that there is even more money to be made if you do it right. (Traffic and content are key).

- Monetizer used to work as an Internet Technology project manager, handling the company's computer systems, running a few websites, recommending resources, and teaching others. Monetizer was involved in Beta development and deployment of various technologies as well. That helps relay things to non-techies.

- Monetizer is familiar with both Mac and PC technologies, having worked with Macs, and using a PC. Monetizer owns a few of each personally, which helps explain different technologies. :)

- In addition, the Monetizer helped market various products for the company, using different promotional strategies. This goes along way when trying to promote blogs, sites etc. Thinking of new ways to promote always helps in that campaign.

- Monetizer lost a job (sniff, sniff) and decided to get serious about making money online and working for himself to create opportunity. It's like they say, one door closes and then another opens. They also say, dont let the door that closes hit you on the ass :)

- Monetizer has a good range of interests, hobbies, tastes and distastes. That keeps things from getting dry, and can provide some different perspectives on things. Monetizer enjoys travel, good food, music, movies, video games, creating new ideas, the internet, exercise, reading books about success, and the internet, among many other things.

- Monetizer realizes the American dream: Work for yourself, work hard, have fun and find success! Most of us don't like working for someone else, Monetizer is a prime example of that :)

- The Monetizer decided to set up this blog mostly as an experiment. While some are already realizing nice incomes from blogging and making money online, Monetizer says why not try it as well and see how it goes? If you believe in something enough and work at it, it's entirely possible!

- Last but not least, the Monetizer would like to propose to Jessica Alba, should she be reading this (and single). Surely, Jessica likes the color green. :)

Monetizer doesn't claim to have all the answers, but is here to help you, trust in that. Feel free to share your own ideas if you stop by here, because the internet is mostly a place where we can learn and grow ideas. Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful as you embark on your own personal journeys in technology, blogging and monetizing!

Monetizer is also all about collaboration. If you're interested in dropping some knowledge, feel free! (email below)

Here are several books I recommend..

The Make Money Online with The Monetizer Squidoo lens!

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