Kingside Media's CashCrate Makes Changes

Kingside Media is the company behind CashCrate.com, a popular and easy-to-use survey and "get-paid-to" site. The Monetizer has praised the site before for its ease of use. You can fill out up to 2 simple surveys per day, sign up for free or other offers, shop with money back deals at various sites, and refer friends to earn money. It's a great site to earn extra cash, and can work to your advantage as passive income based on referrals.

Recently, CashCrate has announced a few noteworthy changes, which may be good or bad for some. First off, there is a new minimum threshhold of $20 before you can receive payment. Previously you had to earn just $10, so this is double. CashCrate states that the average check they send is $20, and says the change will encourage referrals to complete more offers. It's most likely also to help CashCrate cut down on all the checks they had to send out. Some may view this as a more difficult goal, but if you build up referrals, you can achieve that $20 in no time.

The second change which is a good one is that CashCrate offers an option to receive Paypal payments now. In the past you had to wait for your check to be mailed (Monetizer is waiting for one from 9/15). Now you can supply your Paypal address and receive a much faster payment than before, but it must be a minimum of $20.

From the CashCrate blog:

To receive your payment via PayPal, you must have a Verified account. Then just login, go to “My Account”, select “PayPal” under “Payment Options” and enter your PayPal email address. Your monthly earnings will then be sent to your PayPal account instead of by check. Earnings from September and onward will be available through PayPal; payments from August and before can only be paid by check.

I encourage readers to sign up for CashCrate here. If nothing else, sign up and place your referral link on your blog or website, invite friends via email, and build a simple referral campaign. Then you can begin to earn a passive income off other people who fill out surveys and earn money with the site!

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