The Monetizer's Squidoo Push

It's not a new dance, yet. It's more of a campaign the Monetizer started over a week ago. The experiment is to see how well a Squidoo lens page can do in terms of promotional value and making money. Sometimes you have to experiment with new ways to promote your blog or site and make money. While Squidoo isn't really new, it was untapped fully by Monetizer until this latest trial.

With a little bit of smart marketing and promotion (trying hard not to Spam), the lens has moved up to rank #122. The cool thing here is Squidoo maintains a "Top 100" page. Getting onto that page may have some nice benefits!

So if you'd like to help the Monetizer succeed a little, feel free to stop by and give a visit:
Make Money Online with The Monetizer Squidoo

Monetizer will also be working to clean up the categories/archives section for this blog, to make it better organized. That way anyone who comes by here can easily get to what they want. An important thing missing here is a navigation menu, so that is in the works!

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How Not to Save on Your Rent

It's Friday so here's some random stuff for kicks. Monetizer caught this piece of wacky news on CNN Headline News yesterday and decided to dig up the story online for anyone who might have missed it..It seems to deal with ways you shouldn't try to save money.

From wftv.com:

"What would it be like to live at the mall?

The leader of a Rhode Island artists' cooperative has been placed on probation for trying to find out -- by illegally living inside a secret apartment set up in a parking garage at the Providence Place Mall.

Michael Townsend and other artists started building the apartment nearly four years ago inside a void in the parking garage. The apartment eventually had a sectional sofa and love seat, coffee and breakfast tables, a rug, paintings and a video game system.The artists built a cinderblock wall to disguise their hideaway. Townsend said members of the collective would stay for up to three weeks at a time.Plans for a one-year stay fell apart when mall security found Townsend last week and detained him. He has pleaded no contest to a trespassing charge. Police Major Stephen Campbell said he was surprised by what the artists accomplished but stressed that it was illegal." (Source website)

The apartment they made was apparently 725 square feet or so. These guys had other places they lived, and would try to get away with living in the secret mall apartment for week long stretches. Also mentioned on the news were how they did not have running water, and how they used the restrooms at the local movie theater which was open til 3 AM, most nights. Sounds like a cool setup. The Monetizer has heard of living frugally, but this is definitely 1 way not to save on your rent money :)

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