Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions - for Real or Scam?

(Jeff Paul - moneymaking plan or scam?)

So are there really shortcuts to make fast money online? Well in the current information age many internet marketers would love for you to believe so including a man named Jeff Paul. I just caught the second half of one of his infomercials they run about how people make quick money online. The commercial was for Jeff Paul's "Shortcuts to Millions" which includes information and websites guaranteed to make you money. The promotional ad featured "examples of success stories" from older men around an estate's luxurious swimming pool, with babes in bikinis hanging out poolside. The main hostesses were also hot babes in tight outfits, speaking in front of new sports cars about everyone's other favorite subject, money. It's unknown if the hostesses themselves were millionaires, but that's another story...

(Jeff Paul girls - Palumbo and Hayes)

Extra info: For anyone wondering, the Jeff Paul girls seen in the new commercial are brunette babe Carmen Palumbo and blond bombshell Stacey Hayes (seen above). The previous infomercial featured two busty Jeff Paul babes, Kelly Britz and Tina Milano, discussing how easily they created moneymaking websites and even taught their "girlfriends" to do the same with Jeff's easy system.

Most likely the advertisement wanted viewers to see how great life is for these guys now that they earn automatic income by making money online. As we all know sex sells and even Napoleon Hill mentioned how most men are concerned with earning money to impress women. The Jeff Paul Internet Millions ad featured various people talking about the success they had with Jeff's internet millions system. One guy mentioned how he is living his dream life, debt free after two bankruptcies and having a long walk near the edge of a cliff. You can check out Jeff's about me page here to see his rags to riches story about making money online. According to the story, he was once in debt over $140,000 but turned it all around to become an internet millionaire. Jeff showed examples of daily checks he has now generated ranging from $5,700 to $14,000. Of course the fine print at the bottom of the infomercial read "results vary".

As for shortcuts to making money online, if there were some we'd all be using them. The shortcuts usually involve a lot of time and effort or a lot of your money coming out of pocket. This particular product included guides and DVD's on "Automated Income", "Quick Start" and "10 Free Instant Website Businesses Guaranteed to Make you Money". Funny thing is that the guy selling this is showing us for free the best shortcut to generating wealth: create and sell your own product to others. If it talks about how to make money and people jump on it, you've found a shortcut, no matter if the product works or not. You can judge that by the number of Make Money Online blogs in existence, just on Entrecard alone. Jeff Paul's product is just $40, with your money guaranteed back if you don't make money. I'm not pitching his product because I've never used it and have seen some reviews & scam alerts for it online, plus as many of us know learning is free these days and many of the ideas people are selling are just collections of various information we can all find on our own, for free.

As for my own make money online recommendations, here's your quick start to make money online: Set up a blog, whether it be free with Blogger or self-hosted on Wordpress. The latter is the better option as it can provide more ways to make money. Find a profitable topic you can blog about to build your blog site around, and find products or advertising to go with it. Using those sites with Google Adsense, Affiliate programs or to market and sell your own e-book, online course or product is a definite way to make automated passive income. But be forewarned, you will need to put in some work, or some money to get it done. You'll also face competition and other obstacles, but the payoff can be quite nice if you learn how to do things for free, online.

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