DealDotCom is a Money Maker for You

DealDotCom is a brand new website which had its site's grand opening on this past Tuesday, September 18, 2007. They specialize in selling products and services that help save you time and money when it comes to running your online business. Each day DealDotCom will offer a brand new product to its members, and the product will be available for purchase up until it sells out, or Midnight strikes (whichever happens first).

Joining DealDotCom is free to do, and then you become a member and an affilliate. From there you can promote the program and refer more people to join. You then start earning 35% commission for any "1st level" referrals you made and 15% for any "2nd level" referrals. Anything your 1st or 2nd level referrals purchase, you receive commission for. The best part is, you earn those commissions for the life of DealDotCom, aka FOREVER. DealDotCom pays out its affiliate commissions 30 days after the end of the month, with no minimum threshold listed.

DealDotCom's products so far have ranged in cost from $1 to just under $100. They offer Internet Marketing products which can be of great use to you or perhaps your blog or site visitors. Today's product (9/21) is an e-book PDF/Download known as "Long Tail Traffic Secrets" which gives a 3 step system to "Double Your Traffic and Profits". The e-book download sells for $38.99. It includes concepts such as blogs, podcasting, social media, Web 2.0 and various steps to implement those and other ideas to get your blog or site much more traffic. A previous offering was a Wordpress blogging plugin. DealDotCom looks to be offering a good variety of tools and downloads for sale so far.

It seems to make sense to join the DealDotCom program for free, and at least have a link to promote them to readers on your blog or website. You never know if there is a product or offer that ties in with concepts you have discussed on your blog. You can then write about the product in your blog to promote it further and earn commissions. Also, you can encourage a signup from your blog and possibly profit should you refer a diligent new member to the program, as they encourage others to join. A win-win situation, and very little work involved!

Sign up for DealDotCom here to become a member, free of charge.

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