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So you want to make money online? Well it's not so easy...at first..You'll come across person after person out there claiming they have the answer to "easy money" online, but there is no real expert in the matter. Making money takes work, determination and research to get things going in the right direction. Anyone saying they are an expert in it is lying, because in reality nobody is an expert..they just might know more than the average person.

However, the internet does facilitate things these days. Most importantly is the ability to learn for free, and then translate that knowledge into extra money. You can research almost anything these days online, and all you pay is your monthly internet service charges. It's almost better than having a library card. On the net you can learn ways to design websites, get them noticed, and yes even make spare money. Some dotcom moguls even claim to make six figure salaries, just by doing online work. There's people out there trading internet real estate and making more money than some do in actual real estate. There's people launching ebay and cafepress clothing stores online and doing it as a fulltime job. The internet simply can't be overlooked these days if you've got a startup small business, it just makes sense as a fast, and easy, and yes cheap way to get exposure and promotion.

So who am I? The Monetizer. I will try to guide you to various ideas as to how to get started in making money online. As I previously mentioned, there are no easy routes to doing so, but there are some great starting points and free services around. Through this blog, you'll learn of all sorts of things going on online you may have never realized. People dreaming big, starting up new sites and ventures just to make money...so buckle up, this will be a wild ride.

- The Monetizer -

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