Monetizer Needs a Moneymaking Makeover!

Halloween 2007 Today is Halloween, and the theme of the day is dressing up as ghouls, goblins and ghosts (as well as celebrities, politicians, Tom from Myspace and countless other cool costumes). For this blog, the theme is the cool character you all know and love, The Monetizer (Halloween costume coming in the near future!). Monetizer discovered a cool contest being run over on JohnCow.com, the Monetizer realized why not go for a new look. A moneymaking makeover is just what this blog might need to carry it to that "next level". So it's about time the Monetizer got all dressed up!

This blog is still in its infancy and slowly building up to hopefully, one day something great. The plan for now is to help anyone who might stop by with tips, tricks and tidbits devoted to better blogging, and making money online. Design hasn't been emphasized all that much yet, because the blog is still on the free source known as Blogspot. But hey if someone wants to upgrade the design for free, why not? The blog right now has a rather simplistic look and theme (taken from the free Blogspot offerings) which definitely could benefit from pimping. The layout could be improved upon greatly and the header might even need a little more pizazz to go with the Monetizer character. But the character stays, there's no arguing on that one ;) Monetizer would love a new look that would make other bloggers “green with envy”. So that's a hint that maybe a nice green theme could be used here.

Some technical design expertise from guys who make that their day job is always welcome. As mentioned before you really need to either be a “jack of all trades” in this business or have someone else do the stuff you can't or don't have the time to do. Design takes a lot of time and effort, whether you're a beginner or even higher up, and that's a fact. Monetizer has only so much time between writing for this blog, other blogs and promoting, plus the rest of life... So please, John Cow & Weborithm, Pimp My Blog!

JohnChow's "Let Us Pimp Your Blog" contest seems to be the way to go. The prize will be provided by weborithm and they will give your blog a nice little makeover worth $49, should you win (hopefully The Monetizer wins first). Today, Halloween, is the final day you can enter so get to writing about why your blog needs to be pimped! Head over to JohnChow.com and check it out.

As for treats today, the Monetizer can only give you The Monetizer's Recommended MoneyMakers and all the other posts here so far. Also, feel free to drop a comment (with blog URL), and as a treat Monetizer will stop by your blog and subscribe to the RSS feed to help boost your subscriber number...

Happy Halloween! Stay safe while trick or treating and remember to take money over Paydays!

Google Loves Monetizer, PR3 in Effect!

Sometimes we need to toot our own horns...

A few posts ago the Monetizer discussed how Google's latest Page Rank drama didn't hurt this blog. Monetizer's Page Rank was a big fat "Not Applicable". Well now it seems the page is ranked, as Google has given the Monetizer a 3 of 10 PR which they can drop at their discretion! Thank You Google Gods!

It's a tough dilemma here, because it's cool to see a decent page rank after this blog's only been up about 3 months. It took very little work to achieve it seems, other than posting, and some traffic strategies here or there. Heck, Monetizer hasn't even started to submit to search engine directories and all that jazz!

On the flipside, this blog continues to remain on free Blogspot hosting, which everyone knows isn't the ideal way to go. Many say free blogger blogs will get indexed well in Google's search engine, but that won't be the emphasis here. Having your own site is especially true if you're going to branch out, start branding and building a HUGE audience of fans. So the Monetizer is being very very careful with strategy from here out as to not rush what could be a good thing. Again this is fully experimental, some money has been made, but more can be done, albeit carefully.

Upon checking several other blogs that the Monetizer maintains, they also now have Page Ranks. Several of the blogs have just a PR1. A blog which has had a TON more traffic over the course of about a year is also a 3 of 10. It has a better Alexa rank than this blog for sure. Now the Monetizer must strategize about which programs to carefully target. It's been discussed all around the Blogosphere that Text-Link-Ads may not be looked upon favorably by Google. The Monetizer has belonged to this for months, and may tread carefully when re-investigating options there!

So as we know, Google has a lot of power (that we may give them) to really affect how we see our blog products. However, as many have mentioned, using the proper strategies with Page Rank can really benefit your money making online and say Page Rank doesn't matter so much!

Page Rank is basically GOogle's view of how important your site is (to them). While I won't launch into the full discussion of how Page Rank works, it's best to try to get your site or blog link on other sites with good PR's. Here's some other Monetizer entries you may be able to use for submitting your site and increasing your Page Rank.

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