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Hello to all friends, followers, fans and others! I have been on a hiatus trying out new ways to make money online. These have included freelance writing gigs with various sites that worked for a while, as well as trying my hand at eBooks and apps. I feel the latter two categories are profitable, and now I’m going to try out a brand new site which I have heard positive things about. It’s called Bubblews, and I want to see if I can generate some extra cash from it! In this post, I'll talk to you more about the site as well as some excellent Bubblews tips products including the guide below.

Bubblews Guide for Tips & Info

How did I become interested in the site?

I recently received word of a new product called Constant Cash Dripfeed by Andy Charalambous. It’s available for a low price at Warrior Forum here and if you’re serious about trying to earn with Bubblews I highly recommend it. Inside the PDF guide, Andy gives his tips and strategies for how to set up your Bubblews posting schedule and how to maximize your chances to earn money. I’m not going to lie and tell you there is no work involved, but it seems easy compared to other tedious methods of making money online. This is especially true if you like to write.

What is Bubblews all about?

So with Bubblews you’re basically just writing your perspective on various topics in at least 400 character posts or articles. I’ve always enjoyed writing so this seems like a no-brainer for me. The site is free to join, and apparently the community there is helpful, supportive and worth being a part of. That alone could be worth the free price of admission!

make money with bubblews
The Bubblews moneymaking journey begins!

Earnings are accumulated based on views, comments and likes from others on your various posts. Some will be from the Bubblews site, some may be from bringing people in via social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. There's always the off-chance for organic search traffic as well, depending on how Bubblews ranks, or starts to rank. Once you've accumulated $50 you can request a payout.

Things that are frowned upon at Bubblews are things like plagiarism (duh!) and trying to game the system for views or likes. Those are big no-no’s as you might expect, but if you play within the rules and interact in the community, there’s been reports of some members earning $1,000 to $2,000 extra income in a month at Bubbles!

One thing with Bubblews is that they have had reports of payment issues, so that can always be worrisome. I have worked for various affiliate sites in the past that collapsed and I never saw a dime of what I earned. I am hoping that won’t be the case with Bubblews. That said I don’t expect it to be a career, but I will see if I can reach payout threshold which is $50 or so. Apparently, payouts come within a week, but don’t hold me to that!

Can You Make Money with Bubblews?

So can I make money with Bubblews? I think so and so can you! The answer will be related to how much work is involved and whether or not they continue with their payouts properly. As we all know, sites such as Squidoo have become a thing of the past for earning money online, but the internet is far from over when it comes to earning some spare coin. However, writing 400 character or more posts and interacting with a good community isn't necessarily a tough thing to get down with.

So if you’re down to make money with Bubblews, stay tuned for my latest updates. Also, I’d recommend picking up Constant Cash Dripfeed today and studying the PDF’s and tips inside. It’s an excellent primer on what you can expect from this simplistic money-making fun writing site!

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