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If I had a million dollars..think of all the Wiki pages I could buy. These days the internet has become a breeding ground for the Wiki page, most likely piggybacking off the success of Graham Langdon's "Million Dollar Wiki". That site allowed the internet entrepreneur to drop out of college and start up his other business ventures, including the recent Entrecard.

Well just when you thought there couldn't be another Wiki site, there is. And this time's its offering you internet real estate at rock bottom prices. Monetizer learned about the QuarterWiki site from blogger/money maker extraordinaire John Chow, and the deal seemed too good to pass up. The way it works is you can buy a Wiki page for your search term or terms. For example: "Make Money Online" (yes that phrase was taken). You then receive the rights to that specific page for just a quarter. You're obligated to buy 4 pages though, so in reality you will pay a whole dollar (via PayPal). Monetizer had to jump in and buy 4 pages. With a little creativity, the Monetizer decided on "How to Make Money Online" as one of the four.

I started to poke around a bit to check out the editing of wiki pages. Although the coding is different at times (the site explains it in How-To's), it seems to allow for quite a bit, including the ability to add Technorati tags, internal and external links, videos, images, and even the ability to embed another web page into your Wiki page. So why not buy a page and insert your RSS feed? At least until you can do more editing. For a quarter, you'll be able to really do some great advertising with this. Not only that, but you can add Google Adsense code and other advertising money makers!

So just a dollar later, The Monetizer is the proud owner of 4 Quarter Wiki pages. How successful will it be? It's hard to say. I believe in keeping advertising costs low right now, and this site will certainly do that. It offers the same benefits of every other Wiki you've seen, long-term SEO, traffic benefits, a place to advertise your sites or products and even re-sell your page(s). You're paying just a quarter to own your Wiki page for a minimum lifetime of 15 years, which according to the site is just 2 cents per year. It's very similar to that Big Choice game you see at Pizza Hut or Chuck E Cheese. You're spending a few quarters to play and maybe win with the pages you buy. And if nothing else, you gain very cheap internet advertising space for your site or product.

At last check, 426 pages ($106.50) have been sold, most likely thanks to Mr. Chow's paid review on his blog. If you're interested head over and Buy a Page! (Remember there is a minimum purchase of 4 pages = $1)

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