The Credit Crunch Continues

You may have noticed this quite a bit lately, where various “helpful” companies are really preying upon the emotions of the credit card user and those in debt trouble. One commercial shown repeatedly on television seems to be the "freecreditreport.com" jingle. You know the one where a dude strums his guitar and sings a happy tune about how he was burned by not checking out his credit report. He sings how he had his identity stolen and credit destroyed, but if he had just checked his credit report he'd be fine. He even has to settle for a crappy, smaller car and take a job as a pirate at a restaurant, making him look like he's gone into the witness relocation program due to identity theft.

And that commercial isn't the only one being launched at people. There's also ads running all over about saving you from the IRS or "we will save you from all your debt". Consolidate now! Of course these helpful programs will also come at a fee, monthly yearly or percentage rate wise. The question really becomes who is to blame, the consumer or the lender? Credit card companies make it extremely easy for consumers to rack up debt, but the it is the consumer who makes that decision.

Even a UK site which discusses Secured Loans, says their nation's credit card market is starting to tighten the reigns on its lending criteria, reducing amounts loaned from 10,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds. Credit card companies are also starting to turn more of the risky applicants down. This has also been a repeated emphasis of 2008 presidential candidates, to save people from the debt, foreclosures and general financial mess going on in the US.

The credit card companies might be called the worst offenders here. While they don't necessarily run up all that debt, they definitely profit from it in a huge way with hidden fees, inflated interest rates and penalties. Consumers are at their mercy as they fight to survive. But when it's all said and done, the wisest decision may be to just become rich and pay for everything you want in cash, instead of letting vicious lenders gain the upperhand on you.


Boomertowne is Fun and Rewarding!

Boomertowne logo
About a week or so ago the Monetizer had heard through another social media site that Boomertowne is the place to be. You may say "not another site to join", but this one clearly offers fun and value, with an easy way to rack up points. While Boomertowne doesn't give out money online per se, they do offer a great array of rewards including Target, Best Buy and Visa gift cards. The beauty of those sorts of items is they translate into great, free prizes you've earned that you can buy things with or use for blog contest prizes.

The way Boomertowne works is simple and almost similar to Myspace. You sign up for the site and create a profile. Once you're a member the points begin to accumulate immediately. Filling out your profile is an automatic 100 points. Every new page you view on the site gives you 1 point each day. Friend requests you accept give 10 points. Reading the daily newsletter is 100 points, participating in the sites various Flash games is 25 points, and so forth. As you can see accumulating points on the site is not only easy, but fun as well. Among the games offered are a Wheel of Fortune variation, a hangman style game and more.

Boomertowne layout
(Above: A glimpse of the stylish Boomertowne landscape)

There is a cap on daily points at 1,500. So choose activities wisely and don't over-exert yourself. And to illustrate the points cost of some rewards, a Best Buy or Target card will run you 12,500 points. It sounds like alot, but with the way points add up quickly, it would take 10 days or so to do. A $75 Visa gift card is 32,000 points, just to give one more example.

The biggest way to earn points is to refer 5 friends within 1 calendar month. Once you're a BT member, you can go to the referrals section and easily email 5 or more friends the invite. If you get 5 friends to join in the month, you're awarded a bonus of 10,000 points. Technically if you do that and earn 1,500 points a day, you could get that $75 Visa card in no time.

There is also a Scavenger Hunt offered on the site which gives special clues and will award winners a nice prize of $1,000. Yet another way to play and get payed for participation..

If you're interested in becoming a Boomertowne member, use this special referral code: 1264246176 when you sign up! Remember, the Monetizer sent ya ;)

Be careful, with many sites like this as they become extremely addictive and can consume time quickly!


Make Money Online Without a Website!

Since moving to a new state I've been reduced to using dialup for a bit of time, making it more of a challenge to post to blogs and complete other tasks. That said, I wanted to provide a bunch of ways for people to make money online without having the stress/complication of running a website or blog to do it. So here are just 10 ways you can profit online without owning your own website..

1) eBay - Since moving to a new place I've been putting a lot more items on eBay. The key factor here is you really need to evaluate the items you just can't get rid of. It's easy to say that about a lot of things we own, but if you can part with things that just aren't being used, there's extra money. I also am starting to investigate the local consignment and Goodwill type stores for electronics. These can be gold mines for resale of items.

2) Associated Content - With AC you are paid for your unique written articles. These are upfront payments or performance payments. Sometimes AC will accept your articles for upfront payment and you'll see money to your PayPal within a week. Depending on your article you can see from $3-$4 for your articles. Other times you will only be approved for performance payment, meaning you get $1.50 for every 1,000 views your article gets. AC also provides you with topics you can write if you choose and some pay from $5-$10 each.

3) Cash Crate - It's a "get paid to" and "paid survey site" but I've found it very easy to earn with and reliable for payouts. It's all about the time you're willing to put in to either do things on the site yourself, or get others to signup who will earn you referral money. Cash Crate includes paid surveys at 80 cent a piece, various sign up offers which pay you, as well as points offers where you can earn prizes such as gift cards and electronics.

4) Gather - A social media type community. You start out earning points for uploading content like articles, images and videos, as well as getting and giving comments and more. If you earn 3,000 points in a month on the site you may be invited to their cash program, where 3,000 pts = $50. The gift cards are nice from Borders, Macy's, Home Depot, and Omaha Steaks among others.

5) Squidoo - I can't recommend this site enough because I like it's look and feel. It is a free place to make a lens page about any topic you choose and you can make as many as you want. So the possibilities are endless for specific topics you can make a page about. You then earn based on performance of your page as you receive a cut of the Adsense revenue. You also earn royalties should you put Amazon, eBay and any of a variety of other products on your page that someone buys.

6) HubPages - I've used it less than Squidoo, but it follows the same concept with revenue share. The difference here is Hub Pages will allow you full commission of Adsense money from your pages. You just need to be signed up with Adsense first and supply your Publisher ID.

7) Ximmy - A newer site I've found which is alot like Digg, but it pays you for votes, comments and hitting the front page. 1,000 points = $10. There's also a great affiliate program paying out 50 cents per member you refer, with minimum payout at $25.

8) Amazon Mechanical Turk - It's a site where you are paid to do tasks that computers can't easily do. Everything from locating maps or contracts online to creating javascript code or transcribing MP3 lectures to text. Some tasks give very low payouts of a few cents but allow for you to do them 1000's of times. Others pay $1-$10 and more for completion but require tougher work.

9) CafePress - If you've got that fashion designer or artistic knack, this site could be for you. Cafepress allows you to create your own custom designs on an art program then upload them. The designs are put on mugs, shirts, moues pads and other clothing items/accessories.

10) Image/photo sites - There's quite a few of these going on on the internet. Some are sites where you flat out sell your original digital photos and interested buyers pay to download and use them. Other sites will pay you per impressions or views of your photo. Copyright applies to most of these sites, so make sure the pictures you upload belong to you.

Out of the above listed items, my biggest moneymakers have been eBay followed by Squidoo, AC and then Cash Crate. Associated Content is also the fastest payer of any online money making site I've found, as you are paid within a few days of your article being approved. Try the above ideas out for additional sources of income, but remember often times the money you make is closely related to how willing you are to put in work and effort.


Finding a Web Host

The following is a sponsored blog post. If you currently use a free blog platform, the biggest recommendation someone might tell you is to purchase a domain and hosting. It sounds like a broken record, but you'll have more control over your blog than if you are using someone else's service. It may also sound hypocritical as this blog runs on blogspot.com. The Monetizer has several blogs in the work and is looking to decide on a good web hosting choice for 2 or 3 of those blogs.

Many people will be quick to recommend GoDaddy or HostGator as the best hosts to move your blog to, but there may be another that fits your site needs better. You can easily check for hosting sites that fit your requirements at Webhostingchoice.com, which provides an easy to use search to find the best hosting for your needs. You simply enter the monthly cost you'd like to pay, the Diskspace storage you'd like, Bandwith needed and your setup costs. The site then gives you several options for web hosting sites which fit your requirements.

As mentioned above, Hostgator is a popular choice amongst bloggers and webmasters. The Monetizer did a quick search on Webhostingchoice.com with the requirements of a $10 per month fee, 2500 megabytes storage, 3 gigs bandwith and $0 setup. And presto! Hostgator was the recommended choice with plans at $7 and $10 available.

So if you're still in need of a place to host your blog online, give webhostingchoice.com a try to determine which hosting service might work best for you.


Money Considerations when Moving

Hey friends, fans and faithful blog readers...The Monetizer was recently involved in a big out of state move. As you know there's a lot involved when you make a move to a new residence. If it's an apartment setting you may have a lot of loose ends to tie up back home. Here's some tips on things to think about when moving..

1) Bank - This has been the biggest challenge so far. My bank located back home doesn't have branches in the new state. The challenge comes because I used to be able to move funds from PayPal or other sources on a day's notice. Now there's a new stumbling block in automatic withdrawals, etc. So the bank is one thing to consider first and foremost when moving.

2) Utility/Bill companies - The beauty of most companies these days is that you can do things online, such as pay the monthly bill and if you need to, cancel service. I've been successful in cancelling Eletric so far, but the Cable and Phone/DSL will require phone calls. A lot of these services require a certain amount of notice to cancel, or you will get billed for another month. The gym I belong to either wants you to cancel in person, or send a certified letter of cancellation. So there's a bit of a process involved in quitting a health club, although it may differ for different gyms.

3) Apartment lease - Apartments are very different in lease policies. Some will allow month to month renting, others do it by the yearly lease. There can be fees involved for breaking the lease and then any problems that the apartment may have. It's something to consider before leaving that you do your best to leave the place how you first moved into it. This isn't always cost effective at the time, but it can save you money for damage fees. Often the security deposit can aid with this.

4) Change of address - This one actually costs you a whole dollar by credit card should you choose to do it online. It's smart to do this as quickly as possible to make sure you get that mail, bills and of course checks from various companies! You can use USPS.com to make the change, and it works pretty well. Beware though, they put you through a ton of extra as you go along such as "would you like to subscribe to any of these magazines?"

5) Internet work/Blogging - Until I get hi-speed here, I am forced to work with the old school dialup. That can be tricky with just one phone line and roommates, but I will manage to get my work in when I can. It's probably the biggest stumbling block so far, but these things can be overcome.

There's a ton to think about and do when you move, and the above things can be financial difficulties, only if you let them. It's always good to plan in advance, otherwise you will be throwing away that hard earned money you're making online!


The Monetizer is on the Move!

Hey folks! The Monetizer has been a bit busy lately with a big change of residences. So stay tuned as the Monetizer blog will be updated very shortly with more ways to make money!


A Billionaire's Mindstate

mind control I took a quick look at the new Entrepreneur magazine at the local news stand, as it discusses the idea of being a billionaire instead of a millionaire. These days with the way tech companies are blowing up it's very possible to create that sort of wealth. Over at the Entrepreneur.com site they have a full article about how it's done.

The magazine offers the following traits about entrepreneurs:

    - Entrepreneurs are less likely to be college graduates than non-entrepreneurs.

    - They are more likely to attribute their success to determination, while nonentrepreneurs credit intelligence and education.

    -They say their happiness increases as they accumulate more money.

    -They are more likely to say money brings them self-confidence, while nonentrepreneurs say it brings them security.

(Note: The above findings are from a 2007 study of those who have assets of $5 million and above.)

Those concepts seem like no-brainers right? Except you'd be hard pressed to find people who say "Don't get an education". Many times it seems as if the best ideas are born from those with pure drive and creativity versus a ton of education credentials.

The article also looks at two very successful entrepreneurs. Marc Ecko created the very trendy and popular streetwear fashion line, Ecko. It currently includes everything from hoodies to jeans to watches and sneakers and has celebrity fashion models such as Ashley Tisdale. Ecko was once in a huge debt situation with his company and many thought he should jump ship. But he believed in the vision enough and that he could make it work. Ecko kept at it and he's now a success story.

The other man mentioned is 45 year old David Hitz who founded Network Appliance (NetApp). He was discouraged by his mother from getting a career in computers but chose not to listen. He now runs a data storage company which has exploded exponentially in both size and profits. He's been featured on Fortune magazine's "40 Richest Under 40" list as well. David does buck the trend mentioned above as he is a graduate of Princeton, but even so, many people use that education to simply "work for the man" instead of "being the man" themselves.

The main point about both Ecko and Hitz is they relied on hard work, determination and vision instead of listening to naysayers who tried to dash their dreams. Other successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Oprah have done the same and so can you. It's mostly about mindset.

If you're reading this blog now or a regular reader here you are probably looking for ways to make money online. That qualifies you as an internet entrepreneur. You may already have ideas for some sort of business you would like to start or have other ideas to make money. Now you need the proper mindset to put them into practice. As stated in Napoleon Hill's book, "Think & Grow Rich" the one thing we have absolute control over is our own thoughts. We can create and we can prevent others' negative thoughts from impacting us. So set your mind to start thinking big...do you want to be a millionaire or billionaire?

Shoot for the moon and study the mindset of these individuals at the article: Who Wants to be a Billionaire?

The Mortage Debate: Pay Off or Keep It?

I was recently checking out an article at the UK's Money Magic site about a Commercial Mortgage situation. One article on the site discusses how borrowers can and should pay off their mortgage by keeping their montly payments up.

The article states:

"A lender who is paying £629 per month on a £100,000 mortgage at 5.75 per cent could now pay £30 less at 5.25 per cent "

Many of us here in the US don't deal in Euros, but the concept is the same for the US homeowners. According to Kate Tucker of Charcoal.co.uk, she says a mortgage really dictates when people can retire. Paying off that big financial obligation may seem like sound advice as the article adds that paying off the mortgage frees up money for other things. However, The Monetizer has heard from more than one source that the last thing you want to do is pay your mortgage off.

In my opinion, owning a home is the best investment you can make financially, besides an education. The home mortgage can be refinanced to free up extra money for bills should you hit a real crunch. It provides a nice cushion. Also, with tough economic times right now and home foreclosures hitting people so hard, keeping the mortgage seems to work for the long term. As the economy and real estate selling market improves, the value of your home could shoot up, giving you extra money if you sell. It's a great investment either way. So many will say get rid of that huge bill, but other financial pundits argue it's a good idea to keep it going for investment's sake.

What is your take on having a mortage? Good or bad to keep one?


The Bestsellers on Squidoo: Books

Here's something to pass along to all those interested in the moneymaking aspect of Squidoo.com. After receiving a recent payout from Squidoo, LLC, the Monetizer noticed in the email the following note:

"Quick tip for you moneymakers: Did you know that books were the bestselling product category for all of Squidoo in 2007?"
According to a Squidoo page "Book Report" no item sold more than books in 2007 on Squidoo. A total of 21,054 different book titles sold! On that note, here are...

squidoo books

The Top 10 Books which sold on Squidoo:

Interestingly enough, the top 2 books are all about how to analyze and conquer the World Wide Web, which is a great way to make money online. Of the titles above, I've yet to read any of the 10, but would most likely go for titles #1 and #6. I've heard the 4-Hour Workweek is a fascinating read, and actually made good Amazon Associates referral money for Mr. Problogger, Darren Rowse.

So if you're a Squidoo fanatic like the Monetizer, you just might consider incorporating more book titles with your Amazon Associates code into your lens pages. And if you want a great book to read, I will continue to highly recommend Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich which will get you on your way towards an even better life and moneymaking!

Laugh Your Way to the Bank!

laughing group February 8th is officially "Laugh and Get Rich Day", ha ha ha...The Monetizer will be checking his bank account shortly after this post.

According to Holidays on the net:

"A day for recognizing that laughter and humor are a good for morale in the workplace and the reality that laughter has a positive effect on a business’ bottom line."

So quite possibly having a good laugh at the workplace wherever it may be for you, will bring you great fortune. And remember there is some sort of holiday for every day now...

So make sure to LAGR today!

Here's some ways you can start making money online.


Make Money Doing Tasks Computers Can't

mturk logo

Computers aren't all that smart really. They might be able to do a lot of complex data handling that would make our brains explode and they facilitate many other tasks we do, but when it comes to the real creative and perceptive tasks, humans do it best. And thanks to Mturk.com, you can make money off that ability.

The Monetizer found out about the MTurk program thanks to an MSNBC article about "4 Ways to Make Money at Home". MTurk stands for "Mechanical Turk" and is Amazon.com's "Artificial Artificial" Intelligence program. It will pay you to work on tasks called "HIT"s. According to the site:

What is a HIT?
HIT stands for Human Intelligence Task. These are tasks that people are willing to pay you to complete. For example a HIT might ask: "Is there a pizza parlour in this photograph?" Typically these tasks are extraordinarily difficult for computers, but simple for humans to answer.

For example, computers are pretty smart but not smart enough to figure out if a picture has a pizza parlor in it. Or smart enough to pull out more relevant data from text articles. Or smart enough to create future prediction type questions for a site like GuessNow.com. These tasks involve the human powers of perception and reading comprehension. Computers aren't so smart after all when you really think about it, but we still need them to do our taxes, blog and make money...

Now before you think this will be an easy way to pile up money, beware. The downfall of this sort of thing like most moneymaking concepts online, it's going to require your precious time and effort to get paid. I took a look at opportunities, and there were many that paid just pennies, with potential for a "bonus pay". The highest paying opportunity was $2.50 per task and requires you find links to physical maps online for locations like Gedu, Bhutan. The Monetizer previewed a few "transcription" jobs for around $1 each, but let me tell you these were no easy tasks. The HITs basically required you to listen to a 5 minute mp3 of speaking from a lecture or discussion. It was usually a person speaking quickly and sometimes noises and other interference came into play. Other times, there were other people talking but from a distance to the main speaker, making them hard to hear. Bottom line, for just $1 it seems like a complex human job to do, but there may be more skilled transcription recorders out there.

Of course, you just might find some tasks that you enjoy and are generally easy for you to perform on the mturk.com site. It could provide some additional bucks here or there, but be sure to investigate it based on your preferences. You can also create your own HITs for others to complete through the program, which may be valuable if you're looking to generate specific content for websites and blogs. I noticed one offer for people to submit a story about the worst thing they did when drunk with a bonus pay if a picture was included. So even being drunk can make you money online..

So if you're interested in outdoing your computer and getting some extra money for it, head to Mturk.com to check out the latest HIT opportunities!


Get a RealRank for Your Blog!

IZEA Ranks logo The following is a Sponsored Review for IZEARanks, a site recently launched by PayPerPost. The IZEARanks service provides a free and useful tool for bloggers who want to measure how well their blog "really ranks".

According to the IZEARanks site FAQ:

"IZEARanks ranks the top blogs in the blogosphere via actual site statistics, not an extrapolation of estimates".

"The data is used to define an individual blog's overall standing relative to other blogs participating in the program as well as in specific categories such as entertainment and technology."

The way IZEARanks does this is by each blogger installing a piece of Javascript code (called the IzeaToolbarKit) into their blog template. The code records traffic stats by measuring a formula of 70% on daily unique visitors, 20% by daily active inbound links and 10% by daily page views as reported by the ITK (IzeaToolbarKit). This determines your "RealRank". You can then compare how well your blog is doing by measuring it against other bloggers who are using the IZEARanks service.

The main purpose of IZEARanks is to provide you, the blogger, with a more conclusive way to measure your blog instead of Alexa Rank or Google Page Rank. RealRank is considered the first site ranking service that focuses exclusively on measuring traffic and influence of individual blogs throughout the blogosphere. The service is also very important in helping advertisers make "informed decisions for the long run" in terms of which blogs to advertise on.

IZEARank Charts your Blog's Success:
IzeaRank graph
(The above chart gives comparison of the RealRank of 4 blogs over the past week. On the site you can compare your blog with other blogs based on their RealRank, page views or unique visitors).

Other important notes about the IZEARanks service:

    The IZEARanks code differs from the code you install for PayPerPost. Therefore, bloggers shouldn't worry about their Google Page Rank being affected if they use IZEARanks to measure their blog.

    Your IzeaRank stats can be made public or private based on your preference and settings. You can choose to display your daily traffic/unique visits, or just your RealRank.

    IZEARanks launched a new service, ROIRank, or "Return on Investment Rank". This service which was released in January helps advertisers see the return on investment they can get from advertising on a particular blog.

    During the next four weeks, IZEARanks is holding a contest to award $1,000 to the Top Blog on their service, in terms of ranking. The Monetizer is wondering why the mighty Problogger or John Chow have not entered this contest yet. As of a check today, ohgizmo.com was listed as the top blog in terms of IzeaRank.

This may become the next useful service to see just how your blog stands in the blogosphere, as more bloggers decide to turn to Real Rank instead of Google's Page Rank. If you'd like to use the free IZEARanks service, head over to see how your Blog Ranks!


The Art of Advertising - Superbowl 42 & GoDaddy.com

First off, a huge congratulations to the New York Giants for pulling off one of the biggest upsets in recent NFL history. They upended the New England Patriots, 17-14 and basically spoiled the Pats bid for an undefeated season. Many say this game was one of the best of all time in Superbowl history, and the New York Giants definitely had a well executed game plan. Bravo for New York sports!

This isn't a football blog, but one which talks about making money. The Superbowl of course involves money in many ways such as betting on the game, blogging about the NFL, and advertising. The most expensive way of making money is seen by advertisers spending on catchy 30 second commercials which appear throughout the broadcast. According to financial stats, the price of these ads averaged 2.7 million dollars for just one ad running for 30 seconds. This morning the favorites were announced and included the Clydesdale horse ad by Budweiser, as well as the Coke ad with Macy's balloons, and Pepsi Max ads for people being woken up by the newer beverage.

Donny Deutsche of CNBC's "The Big Idea" was part of a 2 person panel on NBC's morning show, and they discussed the ads. Deutsche applauded GoDaddy.com for its advertisement, and I'd have to agree. Go Daddy has been making controversial ads for several Superbowls, involving wardrobe mishaps and the "sex sells" idea. They did it once again this year, but used it to drive 1.5 million visitors to their website. Basically, the ad showed racing star Danica Patrick unzipping her jacket to be "exposed". The ad stopped short, saying it was Explicit and people would need to see Danica Exposed at godaddy.com. I haven't read yet how many new domains, hosting or other services sold due to this, but it definitely gets Go Daddy into people's brains. The other advertisers such as Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser are noteworthy too, as they have built very strong brands yet continue to shell out the dollars to make sure we are thinking of their products.

So one major point to take away here is to utilize any advertising opportunities you get for your blog in the smartest ways possible. Whether it's Entrecard or running a 125x125 on John Chow, make it count. And once again, sex sells, so maybe The Monetizer logo will soon feature a bikini model..

View the World's Largest Registrar - GoDaddy.com


Microsoft+Yahoo vs Google

The big news that rocked both the business and technology worlds was Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo for 44.6 billion. You'd have to believe this could make MSFT a serious competitor now for Google. It makes good sense, as Yahoo and Microsoft are the two other major search engines. Microsoft had lost ground to Google which seems to be like the Berkshire Hathaway of internet stocks. Google basically encompasses so many functions and features it's mindblowing. Now it will be interesting to see how Microsoft merges its programs with those of Yahoo. For example sites like MyBlogLog are already owned by Yahoo. Then you have the search engines themselves, Yahoo's website hosting plans, advertising program (similar to Google's).

Speaking of Google, I received an interesting email earlier (not from Google) which discusses how Adsense publishers are reporting mixed results lately. Some publishers are seeing a serious downturn in earnings while others have seen an upswing. What I've noticed is interesting. Organic search engine traffic has been moving up for several of my blogs and click pricing has been lower. But I've still done well due to all the new traffic. The email mentioned that this drop in earnings could be directly related to advertisers pulling back on spending which is due to economic worries.

So it's a tough call with Adsense, but it still continues to be a top earner for many. I still agree with John Chow's guiding advice, to find as many monetization sources as you can for your blog or site. It might be nice to enjoy earnings from something like Amazon or an Affiliate sale while you're waiting for Adsense to increase.


The Winner of 777 EC's is...

Drumroll please..We have a winner in the first ever contest here at The Monetizer blog. This is the contest to giveaway 777 Entrecard credits to one lucky winner. And the winner is...

Laura Williams Musings!

Congrats to Laura, you'll be hearing from me to receive your 777 credits with Entrecard!

Thanks to all otherwho hentered! Here's some link love for those of you I could provide links for! If you're listed below without a link and want a link to your blog, just drop me a line here, or contact me: monetizer[at]myway[dot]com

SEO Rob - Increase Online Traffic
Evelester - DillyDesigns.com
Laura Williams' Musings
br3adman (clint) - PromoMaker
asif - Youth Cocktail
sarah rebecca - This is Not My Bag of Sunshine
emiliana - Bizpreneur Blog

(If your name/link is not listed above and you entered, please contact)

Congrats again to Laura, don't spend all those 777 EC's in one place! (Well actually you will have to spend them through EntreCard)

(Note: The first winner drawn didn't seem to have Entrecard or a real blog entry...So a winner was drawn randomly for a second time at MathGoodies.com)

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