The Art of Advertising - Superbowl 42 & GoDaddy.com

First off, a huge congratulations to the New York Giants for pulling off one of the biggest upsets in recent NFL history. They upended the New England Patriots, 17-14 and basically spoiled the Pats bid for an undefeated season. Many say this game was one of the best of all time in Superbowl history, and the New York Giants definitely had a well executed game plan. Bravo for New York sports!

This isn't a football blog, but one which talks about making money. The Superbowl of course involves money in many ways such as betting on the game, blogging about the NFL, and advertising. The most expensive way of making money is seen by advertisers spending on catchy 30 second commercials which appear throughout the broadcast. According to financial stats, the price of these ads averaged 2.7 million dollars for just one ad running for 30 seconds. This morning the favorites were announced and included the Clydesdale horse ad by Budweiser, as well as the Coke ad with Macy's balloons, and Pepsi Max ads for people being woken up by the newer beverage.

Donny Deutsche of CNBC's "The Big Idea" was part of a 2 person panel on NBC's morning show, and they discussed the ads. Deutsche applauded GoDaddy.com for its advertisement, and I'd have to agree. Go Daddy has been making controversial ads for several Superbowls, involving wardrobe mishaps and the "sex sells" idea. They did it once again this year, but used it to drive 1.5 million visitors to their website. Basically, the ad showed racing star Danica Patrick unzipping her jacket to be "exposed". The ad stopped short, saying it was Explicit and people would need to see Danica Exposed at godaddy.com. I haven't read yet how many new domains, hosting or other services sold due to this, but it definitely gets Go Daddy into people's brains. The other advertisers such as Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser are noteworthy too, as they have built very strong brands yet continue to shell out the dollars to make sure we are thinking of their products.

So one major point to take away here is to utilize any advertising opportunities you get for your blog in the smartest ways possible. Whether it's Entrecard or running a 125x125 on John Chow, make it count. And once again, sex sells, so maybe The Monetizer logo will soon feature a bikini model..

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