Micro Niche Finder Review

Micro Niche Finder Review

Micro Niche Finder is a nifty application developed by James Jones which can help anyone make money online, whether it be blogging novices all the way up to the much more experienced SEO wizards. I had been reading a lot of buzz and positive things about the Micro Niche Finder software and after having some recent record months of online earnings, I wanted to break through to a higher level, rather than plateau or fall off. I decided it was time to take a serious plunge and make an investment in my online business to generate even more income. More money will allow me to invest in other aspects such as paying others to write content.

I consider myself to be moderately skilled with identifying good niche areas to write blog posts or Hubs or Squidoo Lenses on, but wanted to take it to the next level. I've always done well with Adsense, and have started to do better with the eBay Partner Network in addition to a few other programs. Micro Niche Finder seemed like the app to get to help me start working on making some money with Clickbank, as well as creating new hubs and niche blogs. Also, automating the process of all that keyword research is something that can pay for itself. You've heard of "work smarter, not harder" right? Well Micro Niche FInder (MNF) allows you to do just that.

The MNF program is a quick download and easy to install, and comes with two receipt codes so you can use the program on two computers (maybe your PC and laptop, or work computer). Also, there's a recent bonus where they throw in a "MNF to go" Jumpdrive which comes in the mail within a week or so. There's several more nice bonuses which I'll mention further in the review. Anyhow, within mere seconds of purchasing the software I had an email sent to me with the download link, and within a minute or two I had it downloaded and installed. There's a "check for updates" feature you can click on as soon as you're up and running to make sure you're current, and from the looks of it a very good support system for help or inquiries.

So what exactly does Micro Niche Finder do? In a nutshell it will speed up your search for profitable niches that you can rank for and profit from. It allows you to type in a keyword, or phrase and then return the information us online money makers need most. You'll get back the related keywords and phrases that you just might have a good shot at ranking for. You get the CPC or Cost Per Click for Google Adwords ads, so you can get an idea if maybe a niche blog with Adsense on it will generate good money. You'll see the results count for the exact phrase in Google (the phrase if you type it into Google with "" around it). And you also get something called "SOC" which is a color-coded indicator of how good a chance you have to rank and beat other search results in Google for the term.

The fun doesn't stop there with MNF, as it includes many possible ways to take a term and make some good money. You can click on the term itself and bring up a pop-up menu of even more options, such as the ability to see the Google search results for that term. Or you can automatically search Ezine articles to see how many articles are written on that phrase. You can bring up Amazon's product results for the phrase, or Clickbank search results to see if there's affiliate products to sell. James Jones has a series of helpful moneymaking videos you can view at the Micro Niche Finder website to give an idea of what can be done with it.

In my estimation, this program's easy to navigate around and use for your moneymaking benefit. I already have a good handle on keywords and ranking for them, but feel this will give me a leg up on the competition. It may also expand my moneymaking into new venues.

What I love most about MNF is two things:

1) The SOC or Strength of Competition indicator. This shows you a number as well as a color code; red for don't bother, yellow for caution and green for go ahead and swoop in on this niche now!

2) The "Brainstorm" feature. It allows you to just click the Brainstorm button and Micro Niche Finder generates lists of hot products you can try to sell online. It's a very helpful feature that can really get your creative juices going. Not only that, but I noticed some niches with CPC's I had no clue about until hitting that button! Just for an example, "envelopes" has some CPC's around $4 - $5, which surprised me, although I'm not sure I want to start a niche blog about it. Squidoo lens perhaps? As you can see MNF definitely provides quite a bit of help to your online moneymaking possibilities.

All of that said, I encourage those of you who want to get even more serious about your online income to purchase Micro Niche Finder. Within a few months it'll likely pay for itself with the amount of extra income you're bringing in whether it be through Adsense, eBay, Amazon or Clickbank. And you will receive some great bonus e-books to get you brainstorming about Squidoo, eBay and PLR (private label rights) content, as well as a Google Adsense page generator, a jumpdrive and James Jones' regular email newsletter which so far has given me some nice tidbits for making money online. James Jones must be one creative (and rich) guy because he certainly has come up with some interesting ways to profit from the internet cash machine!

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