How to Catch a Leprechaun & Make Money!

Leprechaun guards gold courtesy of FunDraw.com
Happy St Patrick's day to all readers of the Monetizer blog!! What better a day to be in the make money online spirit, then the day of Irish luck, gold coins, leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! Some may even go so far as to try to build a leprechaun trap to get one of the mini Irish potato-loving creatures. According to legend, their weakness is fear of capture. So if you do catch one, they may be forced to give up their pot of gold! Just keep in mind, leprechauns despise the truly greedy people of the world, so be careful!

On a serious money making tip, today's a great day to get into the habit of seeing that there is an abundance of wealth in the world..Some may call it greed, while others call it the true attitude towards becoming rich! Rather than seeing the world as a place of scarcity where you have to scrap and scrape to save money, why not dream big, realizing there's plenty of money for those who are dedicated to attaining wealth?

The Monetizer is a green character, and everything around you should be green today, so this won't be a tough assignment at all..Start seeing the abundance of green and money there is in your world, then bring that attitude back as you dive into making money online! Just make sure you aren't green with envy over what others have! Realize that the green will be lining your wallets and bank accounts as you work harder online! This may seem overly optimistic, but it's the attitude of many successful entrepreneurs, including Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, and Wallace Wattles, the author of "The Science of Growing Rich".

If you need additional ideas for celebrating, order yourself a green bagel, green salad, green beer at the pub, or have a movie marathon and watch the Leprechaun Pot of Gore Collection (5 DVD Set). They will show you the determined Leprechaun character who pursues that elusive gold coin, and does everything in his powers to retrieve it! The movies will also give you an idea what happens if you steal a leprechaun's gold or try to capture one! (Warning: these movies aren't for the squeamish or easily frightened viewers!)

Happy St. Patrick's day, and the Luck O' the Irish to all!

(Image above courtesy of FunDraw.com)

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