Spotting Opportunities = Big Money!

Are you able to see potential moneymakers, both online and offline? One of the keys to making money is to always be tapping into your creativity, according to Napoleon Hill. And many times there's opportunities all around us for moneymaking. Think about the area you currently live in...

    Is there a need for a service or product in the town/city you live in?

    Are you skilled at a certain hobby that you could translate into a successful blog?

    Does a nearby restaurant or business need a website? If you have the skills, why not help them out?

    Did someone say to you the other day, "I wish they had something that does this?"

Of course if someone says I wish there was a way to time travel, that may be far-fetched, but never let go of big ideas...There's no stupid ideas, and from failure often comes success..You might just spot a different opportunity from the failure!

Perhaps the biggest opportunity right now comes from the poor US economy. With gas prices so high, there's bound to be untapped sources of big income online. The key is just coming up with that great idea. Right now people are hesitant to make travel plans, or drive places. So the key might be bringing services into their home, minus gas or shipping charges.

The people who learn to spot the opportunities could be the ones to profit most in economic downturns, or internet bubble bursts. So always be listening and watching for that next big idea!

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