Who's the Next Internet Millionaire?

If you haven't heard of Joel Comm, it's time to become familiar. Joel is one of the leading internet entrepeneurs of our time with a New York Times bestseller The Adsense Code and a sale of one of his websites to Yahoo for a very nice, hefty profit. Joel has looked at and helped people understand the ins and outs of many online moneymakers from Google Adsense to AuctionAds to Kontera Context links. As an internet millionaire, reading the wisdom of Joel Comm is one way to get inspired and find new ideas for creating money online.

Joel is already a millionaire but hasn't let this stop him from finding new things to create. His latest project is "The Next Internet Millionaire", a reality/internet show which seems to be a combination of Trump's "The Apprentice" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". Joel is host and producer of the show which he created in conjunction with his real-life joint venture partner, Eric Holmlund, who writes and directs the show. Each episode the contestants compete in various internet marketing style competitions, with the winner getting immunity (provided by Hackersafe) and a prize or two.

"The Next Internet Millionaire"'s first episode is 51 minutes long and worth a watch . You'll see similarities to "The Apprentice", but may learn a thing or two about ways to succeed online.

Visit "The Next Internet Millionaire" site here.


5 Online Moneymakers

In order to make money online you have to be committed and you have to constantly do research. There's a ton of great Moneymaking programs already in existence and there's also alot of scams out there with fine print. Most moneymaking opportunities require having your own website usually, but some don't require it (such as Agloco and survey programs).

Here's 5 popular and legitimate moneymaking sites that many use:

1) Google Adsense - This is by far the most popular of online moneymakers, as Google is a well-trusted and well-established company. After you are approved, Google allows you to log-in to your account and then grab code to display ads on your site. The ads will be tailored to your site content, and you get paid based on impressions or clicks of the ads. It's the most popular and as far as the Monetizer knows, the most successful ad program going on sites these days. It requires signing up for a Google account (G-Mail) and then filling out an application. You'll need some sort of website, but may get accepted if you have a freewebs site or Wordpress or blogger blog, etc.

Head over to Google Adsense to sign up.

2) AuctionAds - AuctionAds is basically an advertising program that places applicable Ebay ads on your site. You can set the keywords AuctionAds uses to finds the right ads for your site. For example, if you were doing a blog about photography techniques and tips, you may choose to use the keyword "camera" or "digital cameras". AuctionAds would then display ads for auctions involving those sorts of items. You place the ad code in a good spot on your site and if anyone signs up for Ebay or wins the auction advertised on your site, you receive a nice commission. AuctionAds allows you to choose the color scheme for ads, minimum and maximum bid prices, the keywords for your ads displayed and more.

Learn more and sign up for AuctionAds here.

3)Cafepress.com - This one is not one the Monetizer has explored much, but it too has some great moneymaking potential. Cafepress is an online shop where you can upload your own Photoshop/art program designs onto T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, calendars, mousepads and more. You can then set selling prices for your own store and have them displayed for sale to anyone who stops by. You make money based on the difference in the item price and the price you are selling for. (Example: You sell a T-shirt for 17.99 and it costs 12.99 for Cafepress to supply the shirt, you will make $5 commission per shirt sold). This is a great one for the innovative graphic designers to possibly break into the world of fashion design.

Head over to Cafepress.com to sign up!

4)Agloco - Agloco is a website that is building a big community and plans to pay all of its members to surf the net. It is still in development at the moment, but has already released a Viewbar which members can install so they can get credit for surfing (5 hours per month). The Viewbar rests at the bottom of your web browser and is far from distracting. The Viewbar shows rotating ads, but nothing that will install spyware or ever spam you. While the Agloco site isn't paying just yet, the company vows that once it has built up its success and goes public, it will begin distributing dividend money to those who surf. You'll receive your share based on your own surfing, as well as those who you refer who surf, and those who they refer and so on. Not a pyramid scheme, Agloco is free to sign up for an participate in! Once signed up, you can download the Viewbar and start racking up your hours for surfing!

Sign up for Agloco and read more here.

5)Amazon Associates - The Monetizer hasn't heard too much buzz or talk of this as a successful moneymaker, but it is one that exists and shouldn't be ignored. Amazon Associates is a program that allows you to place code for various Amazon products on your blog or site. You then earn commissions if a site viewer goes through your link and makes an Amazon purchase. The commission rate typically starts at 4% but has the potential to increase.

Find out more and sign-up at Amazon Associates!

So there's just 5 of the moneymakers that exist online today. Feel free to check those out and investigate each fully to decide if any are right for you!


Agloco - Paid Surfing & Referrals

On its face many people might look at Agloco thinking it's one of those internet scams, or a pyramid scheme. However, a closer look at the Agloco system shows that it could actually provide you a nice extra bit of cash.

Agloco works on a simple premise. You sign yourself up and then download/install a Viewbar. You are then credited for every 5 hours a month you surf the web (at a rate determined by Agloco's pay scale). You also can refer friends to Agloco and then they can refer their friends. You get credit for everyone who signs up through you and surfs the web (as long as they have downloaded and are using the Viewbar from Agloco). So the more the merrier, and the more people who you have signed up with Agloco, the more money you and they can make. It's a win win situation for all involved with no fees to pay. You won't receive Spam either.

After you've signed up for Agloco, you download and install a free "viewbar" which rests at the bottom of your screen. You can choose to sign in and have the view bar running under your web browser, or you can close it and exit it so its not there (the Viewbar must be open and running for you to get credit for surfing the web 5 hours). It's a rather simple and non-intrusive addition. It also features a built in Google search box so you can search the web from your desktop, something that can come in handy. The beauty of Agloco is you are credited for 5 hours of internet use each month, so once you've reached your 5 hours, if you choose to, you don't have to have the Viewbar open any more. You also receive credit for any of the friends who have signed up through you, when they surf using the Viewbar on their computer. A pretty cool idea, why not get paid just to surf the internet? Not tough work at all.

So what's the catch? There is none. Agloco is a free service to sign up for and use. Agloco makes its money from advertising, and then they are able to pay their members. They dont spam you or pester you with pop-up ads either. So sign up and refer some friends and you're on your way to a relatively simple way of making money. (Make sure to check out their FAQ's and other info, as it is always good to be educated on a site's policies and money making specifics).

Sign up for Agloco today and get paid to surf the web!

- The Monetizer


The Million Dollar Wiki

The Millon Dollar Wiki is a recently unveiled website, done by a University of Connecticut student. The student cites his basis for starting the site as needing a way to pay for student loans and also wanting to open a bar up in Boston, Mass someday. So he started up the Million Dollar Wiki to reach his goals. So far so good.

The basis of the Million Dollar Wiki is that people/businesses can pay $100 to own their own page on the site. The page is guaranteed for 15 years minimum. The page can be done about any topic you choose and can serve as a way to promote your own business or cause. Makes sense for its promotional "buzz" value. Things like this can get media attention and actually great Search engine rankings, which in turn could help your business do very well, especially if the creator of the site starts to appear on web and TV interviews. Of course, paying the $100 bill to do this, isn't the best plan for everyone. This one could be a good idea for someone who makes some extra cash online and then wants to re-invest it into further promotion/publicity for their business or site. Worth checking out, to give an idea how some creative minds on the internet find ways to make that money.

Here's the top 5 most popular pages on the Wikipedia, as of this entry:

# 1 Main Page ‎(29,048 views)
# 2 Business ‎(28,483 views)
# 3 Music ‎(11,772 views)
# 4 Campus Cuties ‎(11,044 views)
# 5 Monsters ‎(10,832 views)

The student who dreamed this up has already sold 220 or so pages, giving him over $22,000. Not a bad start, he's aiming for 1,000 pages sold, or $1 million. While this isn't an example of a free way to make money, it shows the notion of "Virtual Real Estate" which is one way people cash in online. They build a site/page which then sells advertising space of some sort to people at a cheap cost, $100 or less. There's been sites which have sold small "pixels" of space to promote at $1 or so, totaling 1 million in sales. The sites tend to get media coverage and buzz and hit their goal thanks to all the attention as the site builds in momentum.

Head over to Million Dollar Wiki for more info.


RSS Explained

What is RSS exactly? I'm glad you asked. Some people may even be making up their own meanings for the acronym like "Raunchy Silly Stuff" or "Radically Strange Site" or "Real Smooth & Slick" (just like the Monetizer)..While it could stand for any of those, RSS here and in the blogosphere refers to "Really Simple Syndication". RSS provides an easy way for people to stay informed when a blog or website has updated with new entries or material. It's a way for a blogger to provide a "What's New" on my blog to their faithful readers. It's easier for the reader than the traditional method of bookmarking a site and returning to it over and over and over again to see if it has a new entry or update.

<-- You most likely have seen the RSS icon displayed on blogs, or up in the address bar of your web browser at certain blogs/sites. If you see that symbol or a variation of it, it means you can subscribe to their blog or site's RSS feed and stay updated as the site does.

RSS feeds are organized and read by software known as a "feed reader" which displays the latest blog entries quite nicely for you to peruse. The feed reader will show the latest 5, 10, 25 maybe even 100 entries from the blog you're subscribed to, listed in a nice, neat fashion. Popular feed readers include Google Reader, Yahoo and Bloglines. They are all free to use which is even better.

The gist of all this, is RSS makes it easy for you to subscribe to someone's blog, and always stay informed as that blog updates with new entries. You can subscribe to the feeds from all your favorite blogs you read and have them stored in one, easy and convenient spot to check. And of course should you not want to mess with a feed reader, the other easy option is to sign up for email updates. Every day the blog has new updated entries, you'll receive an email in your box. That Email will show you the day's fresh new entries for the blog you're subscribed to.

Now that you know all this, here's your two options for The Monetizer Feed:

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For further info on all this, please refer to:

Wikipeida on RSS and/or the Wikipedia on Feed Readers (aka aggregators).

The Monetizer: Motivational Speech 101

So you want to make money online? Well it's not so easy...at first..You'll come across person after person out there claiming they have the answer to "easy money" online, but there is no real expert in the matter. Making money takes work, determination and research to get things going in the right direction. Anyone saying they are an expert in it is lying, because in reality nobody is an expert..they just might know more than the average person.

However, the internet does facilitate things these days. Most importantly is the ability to learn for free, and then translate that knowledge into extra money. You can research almost anything these days online, and all you pay is your monthly internet service charges. It's almost better than having a library card. On the net you can learn ways to design websites, get them noticed, and yes even make spare money. Some dotcom moguls even claim to make six figure salaries, just by doing online work. There's people out there trading internet real estate and making more money than some do in actual real estate. There's people launching ebay and cafepress clothing stores online and doing it as a fulltime job. The internet simply can't be overlooked these days if you've got a startup small business, it just makes sense as a fast, and easy, and yes cheap way to get exposure and promotion.

So who am I? The Monetizer. I will try to guide you to various ideas as to how to get started in making money online. As I previously mentioned, there are no easy routes to doing so, but there are some great starting points and free services around. Through this blog, you'll learn of all sorts of things going on online you may have never realized. People dreaming big, starting up new sites and ventures just to make money...so buckle up, this will be a wild ride.

- The Monetizer -

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Welcome to "Make Money Online with the Monetizer"! I will be your host for this blog, The Monetizer. While some may see me as a green, shifty-eyed character with a dollar sign on his hat, don't mistrust, as I am here to help :) My goal is to find the best ways for people to make money online, to review new technologies that may help your site or blog, and give general tips about promoting, social media and much more!

And now a few things about The Monetizer:

- The Monetizer likes to make money online and find new ways to do that.

- The Monetizer wants to help others make money, learn technology and improve their blogs/sites.

- The Monetizer doesn't like snakes, spiders, spam or scams.

- The Monetizer talks in 3rd person a lot. Maybe too much :)

- The Monetizer has been a regular internet user for a good while now and knows whats to like and dislike in sites. (i.e. style, missing features, ease of use)

- The Monetizer runs several blogs. Some of which make a good bit of money. "Good bit" is all relative to your beliefs, but Monetizer has seen profits and realizes that there is even more money to be made if you do it right. (Traffic and content are key).

- Monetizer used to work as an Internet Technology project manager, handling the company's computer systems, running a few websites, recommending resources, and teaching others. Monetizer was involved in Beta development and deployment of various technologies as well. That helps relay things to non-techies.

- Monetizer is familiar with both Mac and PC technologies, having worked with Macs, and using a PC. Monetizer owns a few of each personally, which helps explain different technologies. :)

- In addition, the Monetizer helped market various products for the company, using different promotional strategies. This goes along way when trying to promote blogs, sites etc. Thinking of new ways to promote always helps in that campaign.

- Monetizer lost a job (sniff, sniff) and decided to get serious about making money online and working for himself to create opportunity. It's like they say, one door closes and then another opens. They also say, dont let the door that closes hit you on the ass :)

- Monetizer has a good range of interests, hobbies, tastes and distastes. That keeps things from getting dry, and can provide some different perspectives on things. Monetizer enjoys travel, good food, music, movies, video games, creating new ideas, the internet, exercise, reading books about success, and the internet, among many other things.

- Monetizer realizes the American dream: Work for yourself, work hard, have fun and find success! Most of us don't like working for someone else, Monetizer is a prime example of that :)

- The Monetizer decided to set up this blog mostly as an experiment. While some are already realizing nice incomes from blogging and making money online, Monetizer says why not try it as well and see how it goes? If you believe in something enough and work at it, it's entirely possible!

- Last but not least, the Monetizer would like to propose to Jessica Alba, should she be reading this (and single). Surely, Jessica likes the color green. :)

Monetizer doesn't claim to have all the answers, but is here to help you, trust in that. Feel free to share your own ideas if you stop by here, because the internet is mostly a place where we can learn and grow ideas. Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful as you embark on your own personal journeys in technology, blogging and monetizing!

Monetizer is also all about collaboration. If you're interested in dropping some knowledge, feel free! (email below)

Here are several books I recommend..

The Make Money Online with The Monetizer Squidoo lens!

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