5 Online Moneymakers

In order to make money online you have to be committed and you have to constantly do research. There's a ton of great Moneymaking programs already in existence and there's also alot of scams out there with fine print. Most moneymaking opportunities require having your own website usually, but some don't require it (such as Agloco and survey programs).

Here's 5 popular and legitimate moneymaking sites that many use:

1) Google Adsense - This is by far the most popular of online moneymakers, as Google is a well-trusted and well-established company. After you are approved, Google allows you to log-in to your account and then grab code to display ads on your site. The ads will be tailored to your site content, and you get paid based on impressions or clicks of the ads. It's the most popular and as far as the Monetizer knows, the most successful ad program going on sites these days. It requires signing up for a Google account (G-Mail) and then filling out an application. You'll need some sort of website, but may get accepted if you have a freewebs site or Wordpress or blogger blog, etc.

Head over to Google Adsense to sign up.

2) AuctionAds - AuctionAds is basically an advertising program that places applicable Ebay ads on your site. You can set the keywords AuctionAds uses to finds the right ads for your site. For example, if you were doing a blog about photography techniques and tips, you may choose to use the keyword "camera" or "digital cameras". AuctionAds would then display ads for auctions involving those sorts of items. You place the ad code in a good spot on your site and if anyone signs up for Ebay or wins the auction advertised on your site, you receive a nice commission. AuctionAds allows you to choose the color scheme for ads, minimum and maximum bid prices, the keywords for your ads displayed and more.

Learn more and sign up for AuctionAds here.

3)Cafepress.com - This one is not one the Monetizer has explored much, but it too has some great moneymaking potential. Cafepress is an online shop where you can upload your own Photoshop/art program designs onto T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, calendars, mousepads and more. You can then set selling prices for your own store and have them displayed for sale to anyone who stops by. You make money based on the difference in the item price and the price you are selling for. (Example: You sell a T-shirt for 17.99 and it costs 12.99 for Cafepress to supply the shirt, you will make $5 commission per shirt sold). This is a great one for the innovative graphic designers to possibly break into the world of fashion design.

Head over to Cafepress.com to sign up!

4)Agloco - Agloco is a website that is building a big community and plans to pay all of its members to surf the net. It is still in development at the moment, but has already released a Viewbar which members can install so they can get credit for surfing (5 hours per month). The Viewbar rests at the bottom of your web browser and is far from distracting. The Viewbar shows rotating ads, but nothing that will install spyware or ever spam you. While the Agloco site isn't paying just yet, the company vows that once it has built up its success and goes public, it will begin distributing dividend money to those who surf. You'll receive your share based on your own surfing, as well as those who you refer who surf, and those who they refer and so on. Not a pyramid scheme, Agloco is free to sign up for an participate in! Once signed up, you can download the Viewbar and start racking up your hours for surfing!

Sign up for Agloco and read more here.

5)Amazon Associates - The Monetizer hasn't heard too much buzz or talk of this as a successful moneymaker, but it is one that exists and shouldn't be ignored. Amazon Associates is a program that allows you to place code for various Amazon products on your blog or site. You then earn commissions if a site viewer goes through your link and makes an Amazon purchase. The commission rate typically starts at 4% but has the potential to increase.

Find out more and sign-up at Amazon Associates!

So there's just 5 of the moneymakers that exist online today. Feel free to check those out and investigate each fully to decide if any are right for you!

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