Who's the Next Internet Millionaire?

If you haven't heard of Joel Comm, it's time to become familiar. Joel is one of the leading internet entrepeneurs of our time with a New York Times bestseller The Adsense Code and a sale of one of his websites to Yahoo for a very nice, hefty profit. Joel has looked at and helped people understand the ins and outs of many online moneymakers from Google Adsense to AuctionAds to Kontera Context links. As an internet millionaire, reading the wisdom of Joel Comm is one way to get inspired and find new ideas for creating money online.

Joel is already a millionaire but hasn't let this stop him from finding new things to create. His latest project is "The Next Internet Millionaire", a reality/internet show which seems to be a combination of Trump's "The Apprentice" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". Joel is host and producer of the show which he created in conjunction with his real-life joint venture partner, Eric Holmlund, who writes and directs the show. Each episode the contestants compete in various internet marketing style competitions, with the winner getting immunity (provided by Hackersafe) and a prize or two.

"The Next Internet Millionaire"'s first episode is 51 minutes long and worth a watch . You'll see similarities to "The Apprentice", but may learn a thing or two about ways to succeed online.

Visit "The Next Internet Millionaire" site here.

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