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One thing The Monetizer does is always look for new ways to add to the online income. There's a ton of opportunities out there, but that makes for a ton of scam artists and ripoffs looking to get you to make them money and none for yourself. Therefore, you always have to be careful with any claim to make money. Cash Crate is a newer moneymaker I discovered from a reputable blogger.

Cash Crate offers you 4 ways to earn money online once you sign up for a free account.

1) Sign-up/register for informative offers, free trials or surveys. Each of them lists a payout amount (from 40 cents to $45) and tells you if you are required to pay any money for them. They list many free signup offers and surveys, the catch being you need to read the fine print for any you choose. The other catch is many ask for your address when signing up. This could signify junk mail. However, getting $13 to try Netflix' free trial, or $45 to try Vonage's if you were considering either makes a lot of sense. Monetizer completed a signup for Eplay, which only required giving Email address, State and Date of Birth. It payed 80 cents for the registration.

2) Fill out 2 surveys within each 24 hour period. Cash Crate lists a bunch of options such as "do you own a cell phone", "will you buy a car in the next 6 months", "do you shop for fashionable clothes often". YOu check off the applicable choices and agree to answer surveys honestly. You are then given questions to qualify for the surveys. They are free to take and you can keep trying until you qualify. The surveys pay 80 cents each. At 2 surveys a day, you would earn $45 or so in a month's time, and this option doesn't require giving your address. Monetizer was able to do a simple 3 question survey about car buying, which only took 2 minutes to complete. It's that easy.

3)Receive a percentage refund on purchases from various retailers
- Itunes and Walmart are amongst the 20 or so names of online retailers. Simply go through the retailer's link on your Cash Crate account and make your purchase at the retailer. Itunes gives 5% back on purchases, so if you buy a lot of music or media it could add up! They give 5% back on Wal Mart purchases as well, which could potentially save you a lot of money based on what you are purchasing.

3) Refer friends and others to Cash Crate - One of the best parts of Cash Crate is its referral system. Provide new members your affiliate/referral link. You earn 20% for first-level signups through your link and then 10% for 2nd level signups (people that your signups get to signup). The % you earn is based on offers they complete. If one of your 1st level signups tries the Vonage free trial for $45 you would earn $8 or so because of it. Not too shabby.

Your account accumulates money as you do any or all of the above options (Cash Crate doesn't require you to do all of them or any, it is at your leisure). Once your account reaches $10, you are sent the money to your PayPal account around the 20th of the following month. (Example: if your account is at $15 at the end of September, you are Pay Pal-ed that money around Oct 20).

Cash Crate is definitely worth a try. Even if you don't do the free offers/signups which require giving your address, you can still do daily surveys at 80 cents each and get friends to join. You can also promote your referral link and have other moneymakers help make money. It's a win win situation.

Sign up for Cash Crate here for yet another way to increase your online income.

Keep making that money,
The Monetizer

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