DealDotCom is a Money Maker for You

DealDotCom is a brand new website which had its site's grand opening on this past Tuesday, September 18, 2007. They specialize in selling products and services that help save you time and money when it comes to running your online business. Each day DealDotCom will offer a brand new product to its members, and the product will be available for purchase up until it sells out, or Midnight strikes (whichever happens first).

Joining DealDotCom is free to do, and then you become a member and an affilliate. From there you can promote the program and refer more people to join. You then start earning 35% commission for any "1st level" referrals you made and 15% for any "2nd level" referrals. Anything your 1st or 2nd level referrals purchase, you receive commission for. The best part is, you earn those commissions for the life of DealDotCom, aka FOREVER. DealDotCom pays out its affiliate commissions 30 days after the end of the month, with no minimum threshold listed.

DealDotCom's products so far have ranged in cost from $1 to just under $100. They offer Internet Marketing products which can be of great use to you or perhaps your blog or site visitors. Today's product (9/21) is an e-book PDF/Download known as "Long Tail Traffic Secrets" which gives a 3 step system to "Double Your Traffic and Profits". The e-book download sells for $38.99. It includes concepts such as blogs, podcasting, social media, Web 2.0 and various steps to implement those and other ideas to get your blog or site much more traffic. A previous offering was a Wordpress blogging plugin. DealDotCom looks to be offering a good variety of tools and downloads for sale so far.

It seems to make sense to join the DealDotCom program for free, and at least have a link to promote them to readers on your blog or website. You never know if there is a product or offer that ties in with concepts you have discussed on your blog. You can then write about the product in your blog to promote it further and earn commissions. Also, you can encourage a signup from your blog and possibly profit should you refer a diligent new member to the program, as they encourage others to join. A win-win situation, and very little work involved!

Sign up for DealDotCom here to become a member, free of charge.

Get to Know the Super Sexy Alexa

As cool as it would be if the Alexa being referred to here was a supermodel, it's actually Alexa, the website/ranking system and helpful toolbar that will measure a website's traffic levels. Any guess at what the current "most visited/traffic heavy" site on the internet is? If you said Myspace or Google you were close, but the answer is in fact Yahoo!

Here's a look at the top 10 most traveled sites as of today on Alexa.com:

1 yahoo.com
2 msn.com
3 google.com
4 youtube.com
5 live.com
6 myspace.com
7 orkut.com
8 baidu.com
9 wikipedia.org
10 facebook.com

Alexa collects information from users who have installed an "Alexa Toolbar," allowing Alexa to provide statistics on web site traffic, as well as lists of related links. It's a useful tool for you to install on your internet browser because as you visit sites you will see their Alexa rank displayed in the lower right hand corner of your browser window.

(Food for thought: Keeping an eye on sites that are moving up rapidly in traffic and jumping on the bandwagon makes sense. Facebook has been in the news lately and is being said to continue to increase in its popularity. It is making its user profiles public as well, which means search engine traffic. Facebook also allows RSS feeds and alot more great features on your profile. But more about Facebook another time...)

Alexa is a useful tool for you to install on your internet browser because as you visit sites you will see their Alexa rank displayed in the lower right hand corner of your browser window. Why is this important?

A few reasons Alexa is a great tool to use:

1) Determine other blogs/forums and sites that have a higher Alexa ranking, so that you can leave comments and your blog URL link on those that are heavily travelled. Generally leaving comments on any site under 100,000 in Alexa rank may make sense, however you may want to aim for sites that are even better, such as 50, 000 and lower in terms of their rank.

2) Be able to measure the progress of your own site or blog's Alexa ranking. As you get your blog moving and get it more popularity and traffic, you'll be able to use the positive reinforcement to see how well you've done. Seeing your Alexa rank go up will be a sign that the work your doing is paying off.

3) Helps you negotiate for advertising on your blog or site. Many top money maker experts online say the Alexa rank along with your Google rank will go a long way to helping you eventually sell advertising on your site or blog. If you get the Alexa rank up high enough, advertisers will realize you have a heavily visited site worth paying you to run their ads on. It's a great point of negotiation and price setting for advertisements to be run on your blog or website.

Alexa determines a site's Alexa traffic ranking based on the following:

"Alexa's traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users over a rolling 3 month period. A site's ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and pageviews. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single pageview. The site with the highest combination of users and pageviews is ranked #1."

Alexa's Sparky toolbar is a free download available here. It will not interfere with your web browsing and you can look to the bottom right hand corner of your browser for a small chart and traffic rank as you visit websites. After getting it for yourself, why not promote it to your blog readers, so that as they return tor your blog or site Alexa can record their visits and help your ranking? Install the Alexa toolbar today and keep an eye on your site as well as other sites to see just how much traffic their are getting online.

Wall of Blogs Gives Free Advertising?

Free is the key when you have little money and are looking for ways to promote your blog or website. Right now Wall Of Blogs says they are giving away free pixel space on their front web page wall. They give you a choice of 9 pixels (3x3 spot) on their wall which will show a blog logo picture (of your choice) and then link to your blog. For free, it's worth giving it a shot. The site currently states "First 5000 blocks are free!! After that, $5.00 a block!" As of right now it does not look like that many spots have been claimed (about 10 spots look claimed), so either there are a lot of pending requests or there's plenty of spots to go around!

Wall Of Blogs
doesn't have an Alexa rank to indicate its current traffic levels. This means it's not a highly travelled site right now. However, if any top blogger happens to mention it and links to it in their blog entry, it just might send a ton of traffic to the site. Having your blog represented early could pay off, and there's no real negative consequences for promoting there.

While the advertising you get for free is not well explained, it's still some FREE advertising. When you click "Get Free Pixels" you are given the following directions:

"Select 10x10 pixel fields that are next to each other and place a link to your website. Choose and upload a logo, lettering or any other picture for this place and link your website to it! In case you don't have a picture, you can select one from our collection."

Choose an interesting little pic to represent your blog and give this a try. There's no reason not to put a link to your site up on this bit of internet real estate. They are also offering paid spots for just $5, which is a very small fee to potentially get more traffic to your blog! For $5, Wall of Blog gives you promotion for 356 months on their site. Not too shabby should it become popular. For now try the Free pixels to get started, because you never know when a site like this might take off! Take a look at the site, The Monetizer has already placed his pixels!

Check out Wall of Blogs.

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