Wall of Blogs Gives Free Advertising?

Free is the key when you have little money and are looking for ways to promote your blog or website. Right now Wall Of Blogs says they are giving away free pixel space on their front web page wall. They give you a choice of 9 pixels (3x3 spot) on their wall which will show a blog logo picture (of your choice) and then link to your blog. For free, it's worth giving it a shot. The site currently states "First 5000 blocks are free!! After that, $5.00 a block!" As of right now it does not look like that many spots have been claimed (about 10 spots look claimed), so either there are a lot of pending requests or there's plenty of spots to go around!

Wall Of Blogs
doesn't have an Alexa rank to indicate its current traffic levels. This means it's not a highly travelled site right now. However, if any top blogger happens to mention it and links to it in their blog entry, it just might send a ton of traffic to the site. Having your blog represented early could pay off, and there's no real negative consequences for promoting there.

While the advertising you get for free is not well explained, it's still some FREE advertising. When you click "Get Free Pixels" you are given the following directions:

"Select 10x10 pixel fields that are next to each other and place a link to your website. Choose and upload a logo, lettering or any other picture for this place and link your website to it! In case you don't have a picture, you can select one from our collection."

Choose an interesting little pic to represent your blog and give this a try. There's no reason not to put a link to your site up on this bit of internet real estate. They are also offering paid spots for just $5, which is a very small fee to potentially get more traffic to your blog! For $5, Wall of Blog gives you promotion for 356 months on their site. Not too shabby should it become popular. For now try the Free pixels to get started, because you never know when a site like this might take off! Take a look at the site, The Monetizer has already placed his pixels!

Check out Wall of Blogs.

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