Free Software Downloads to Save Money!

Don't let the blog post title fool you, because I'm not condoning pirated software downloads at all. Using various money saving deal websites, in the past week The Monetizer was able to find several FREE and legitimate software programs you can download and install onto your PC. These will help clean up, optimize and back up your valuable personal computer data, and also save you money in the process!

Consider Paragon's Drive Backup 9 Special Edition. It retails for $39.99 but was featured on the deal site yesterday for FREE! That's right, free. Now the download itself seemed to be tough to get to work, mainly because so many people were flooding the site. Luckily, someone uploaded the legitimate download file on their own server for others who wanted the deal. I've installed the program yesterday and so far it looks good. A very helpful program to have so you can back up your entire laptop, PC or specific folders/files to another safe spot in case of a crash.

Paragon seems to be offering yet another free software program, Total Defrag 2009. This helps in optimizing your computer by defragging the hard drives, freeing up cluttered drive cluster space. To see more info on how to download it, use this link for DealsPlus.

PS: Find some "helpful discussions" about this deal at Slickdeals.net forums.

Also extremely helpful is this Free WinUtilities 6.2. It's a very inclusive program which has features such as registry cleaner, uninstaller, dish cleaner and much more. Use the program to clean up and make sure your computer is optimized to the fullest!

Another deal for those of us running our own business(es) is MyCorporations SmallBiz Pack, also for FREE. MyCorporations is an Intuit company, so again this appears legitimate. The Deal websites these program downloads come from are reliable sources, but please download at your own risk and follow all instructions/indications along with them.

MyCorporation's SmallBiz Pack for free

Hopefully the above programs can help some readers to establish reliable data backups, optimized PC's and help in getting their businesses on track!

ShoppingAds Account Shutdown!

Well friends, I'm sorry to report that popular make money online program, ShoppingAds has closed several accounts, including The Monetizer's. Earlier this morning I received the following email, which some readers here may also have received:


In the final hour of evaluation, it has been determined by eBay and ShoppingAds that your account must be deactivated. We know that many of you have been working back and forth with us to try and improve the situation, and we thank you kindly for your efforts. Unfortunately, as warned (that there were no guarantees), we had to take this course of action.

We thank you for your partnership up through this point and wish you the best of luck.

We are in the process of making an aggressive case on your behalf to eBay of having you paid for February’s earnings, and will let you know as soon as we hear back. If you will be paid it will occur on April 1st, 2009.

As for our ads- we strongly suggest that you take down our ad code IMMEDIATELY as you will no longer be paid for hosting them.

Thank you,


Well this is unfortunate, because I do have some money sitting in the account, so hopefully things are resolved and I'll receive that payment on April Fool's day (ha ha). But as always, this is why having a backup earning/ad plan helps. Luckily The Monetizer joined eBay Partner network several months ago, and their terms are much more favorable. Payments come quicker and with less of a minimum earning amount required.

ebay partner network widgets

I strongly urge people who got the ShoppingAds account shutdown notice above to switch their ShoppingAds ads to eBay Partner Network ads. Just make sure to match the same style, color and size from your old ShoppingAds to your new eBay Partner style ads so that things don't look too off. You can do this by logging into your eBay Partner Network account, then go to the top menu for Tools, then Widgets (graphic above). Go to the first toolbox widget, "Editor Kit", select "eBay US" (or your appropriate program) and then click "Go". Alternately, you can choose the other widget "Custom Banner" which is in Beta, to create eBay product flash banners for your websites or blogs.

Here's to your success,
The Monetizer

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