The Bestsellers on Squidoo: Books

Here's something to pass along to all those interested in the moneymaking aspect of Squidoo.com. After receiving a recent payout from Squidoo, LLC, the Monetizer noticed in the email the following note:

"Quick tip for you moneymakers: Did you know that books were the bestselling product category for all of Squidoo in 2007?"
According to a Squidoo page "Book Report" no item sold more than books in 2007 on Squidoo. A total of 21,054 different book titles sold! On that note, here are...

squidoo books

The Top 10 Books which sold on Squidoo:

Interestingly enough, the top 2 books are all about how to analyze and conquer the World Wide Web, which is a great way to make money online. Of the titles above, I've yet to read any of the 10, but would most likely go for titles #1 and #6. I've heard the 4-Hour Workweek is a fascinating read, and actually made good Amazon Associates referral money for Mr. Problogger, Darren Rowse.

So if you're a Squidoo fanatic like the Monetizer, you just might consider incorporating more book titles with your Amazon Associates code into your lens pages. And if you want a great book to read, I will continue to highly recommend Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich which will get you on your way towards an even better life and moneymaking!

Laugh Your Way to the Bank!

laughing group February 8th is officially "Laugh and Get Rich Day", ha ha ha...The Monetizer will be checking his bank account shortly after this post.

According to Holidays on the net:

"A day for recognizing that laughter and humor are a good for morale in the workplace and the reality that laughter has a positive effect on a business’ bottom line."

So quite possibly having a good laugh at the workplace wherever it may be for you, will bring you great fortune. And remember there is some sort of holiday for every day now...

So make sure to LAGR today!

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