Should You Game Entrecard?

I like Entrecard and what it can do to help a blog out, but I'm a bit perplexed over one aspect. The Monetizer is trying to figure out why bloggers will spend an entire day trying to game Entrecard. I've recommended the widget and still continue to recommend it to bloggers. I recently helped a friend who was looking to get his blog going and Entrtecard was one of the first things I had him sign up for and set up. He was impressed at how fast his stats have risen, and I explained it's the EC card droppers. It's a nice traffic boost for a blog and a good free advertising method. But you've also probably noticed there's blogs on EC that cost way too many credits for a day spot on them. I respect all bloggers doing their thing and trying to get noticed. It's really too bad for those people that are forking out tons of credits for overpriced blog ad space. It really forces you to do your research or just gamble on an ad spot. That said, there is the possibility that you can spend 20 credits and get a better deal than 350 would with some blogs.

My recommendation to those that are trying to game Entrecard is that you're really wasting time and efforts by doing that. I'm not saying don't use Entrecard or that it doesn't help. But shoot to get your blog into the search engines if you want to realize more traffic and increase monetization. Once you start finding keywords to target and start getting traffic to those posts, you'll feel much better and won't be working as hard afterwards. Wouldn't you rather be able to make money off things like Adsense while sleeping, instead of spending your day trying to get into the "Most Popular" section on Entrecard?

With that said, why game Entrecard when you can easily enter the "Hit 777 EC's With the Monetizer" contest here? You'll spend minimal time and effort to win 777 credits which can help advertise your blog all over the place!

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