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About a week or so ago the Monetizer had heard through another social media site that Boomertowne is the place to be. You may say "not another site to join", but this one clearly offers fun and value, with an easy way to rack up points. While Boomertowne doesn't give out money online per se, they do offer a great array of rewards including Target, Best Buy and Visa gift cards. The beauty of those sorts of items is they translate into great, free prizes you've earned that you can buy things with or use for blog contest prizes.

The way Boomertowne works is simple and almost similar to Myspace. You sign up for the site and create a profile. Once you're a member the points begin to accumulate immediately. Filling out your profile is an automatic 100 points. Every new page you view on the site gives you 1 point each day. Friend requests you accept give 10 points. Reading the daily newsletter is 100 points, participating in the sites various Flash games is 25 points, and so forth. As you can see accumulating points on the site is not only easy, but fun as well. Among the games offered are a Wheel of Fortune variation, a hangman style game and more.

Boomertowne layout
(Above: A glimpse of the stylish Boomertowne landscape)

There is a cap on daily points at 1,500. So choose activities wisely and don't over-exert yourself. And to illustrate the points cost of some rewards, a Best Buy or Target card will run you 12,500 points. It sounds like alot, but with the way points add up quickly, it would take 10 days or so to do. A $75 Visa gift card is 32,000 points, just to give one more example.

The biggest way to earn points is to refer 5 friends within 1 calendar month. Once you're a BT member, you can go to the referrals section and easily email 5 or more friends the invite. If you get 5 friends to join in the month, you're awarded a bonus of 10,000 points. Technically if you do that and earn 1,500 points a day, you could get that $75 Visa card in no time.

There is also a Scavenger Hunt offered on the site which gives special clues and will award winners a nice prize of $1,000. Yet another way to play and get payed for participation..

If you're interested in becoming a Boomertowne member, use this special referral code: 1264246176 when you sign up! Remember, the Monetizer sent ya ;)

Be careful, with many sites like this as they become extremely addictive and can consume time quickly!

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