Easy $20 from Cash Crate

The Monetizer discussed the money earning site known as Cash Crate in a previous blog. While I haven't seen an actual check from Cash Crate yet, I have passed the $10 threshold and am nearing the $20 mark. Checks are sent 20 days after the month ends.

- The majority of earnings has been from surveys, at 80 cents each. You can do up to 2 per day. The surveys can be fun, some might be lengthy, but they won't send you spam or bug you beyond filling them out.

- Referrals help as well. You make 20% of whatever your 1st level referrals earn on Cash Crate and 10% of any second level referrals. In addition, you get a $3 bonus if any of your referrals hit the $10 payout threshold.

- Completing offers. For these, Monetizer stays away from offers asking for physical address or phone number. That way you can't be harassed by junk mail or telemarketers. Here's the deals I did that didnt require this info:

Register for free. $2.00 Payout
SurveyClub Join their free club. $0.60 Payout
ePlay Register for free. $0.50 Payout
100 Tunes Participate in survey. $0.40 Payout
Ipod Video/1000 Songs short survey $0.50 Payout
NPD Online Surveys Complete registration $1.30 Payout

The above offers give you about $5 in payout. It's recommended you get yourself a new email address at a site like Gmail (Google), myway.com or inbox.com and use it just for signing up. That way if those sites start sending Spam your way, you won't be bothered.

The Stamps.com offer also looks good, because it offers a $13 payout if you signup for their free trial. You also get $5 in free postage you can print out and use. All you need to do is cancel your Stamps.com trial before 4 weeks is up, and your credit card isn't charged a dime! Easy money, the monetizer will always love that. If you want to look at it another way, this money can go towards paying down a debt or reinvested in making more money somewhere.

So why wait? Sign up for Cash Crate today for free!

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