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What is RSS exactly? I'm glad you asked. Some people may even be making up their own meanings for the acronym like "Raunchy Silly Stuff" or "Radically Strange Site" or "Real Smooth & Slick" (just like the Monetizer)..While it could stand for any of those, RSS here and in the blogosphere refers to "Really Simple Syndication". RSS provides an easy way for people to stay informed when a blog or website has updated with new entries or material. It's a way for a blogger to provide a "What's New" on my blog to their faithful readers. It's easier for the reader than the traditional method of bookmarking a site and returning to it over and over and over again to see if it has a new entry or update.

<-- You most likely have seen the RSS icon displayed on blogs, or up in the address bar of your web browser at certain blogs/sites. If you see that symbol or a variation of it, it means you can subscribe to their blog or site's RSS feed and stay updated as the site does.

RSS feeds are organized and read by software known as a "feed reader" which displays the latest blog entries quite nicely for you to peruse. The feed reader will show the latest 5, 10, 25 maybe even 100 entries from the blog you're subscribed to, listed in a nice, neat fashion. Popular feed readers include Google Reader, Yahoo and Bloglines. They are all free to use which is even better.

The gist of all this, is RSS makes it easy for you to subscribe to someone's blog, and always stay informed as that blog updates with new entries. You can subscribe to the feeds from all your favorite blogs you read and have them stored in one, easy and convenient spot to check. And of course should you not want to mess with a feed reader, the other easy option is to sign up for email updates. Every day the blog has new updated entries, you'll receive an email in your box. That Email will show you the day's fresh new entries for the blog you're subscribed to.

Now that you know all this, here's your two options for The Monetizer Feed:

Subscribe to The Monetizer RSS feed


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For further info on all this, please refer to:

Wikipeida on RSS and/or the Wikipedia on Feed Readers (aka aggregators).

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