Kettering University Offers Co-Op Education

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When it comes to making money and creating wealth, many will argue that having a solid education is the best way to start. Choosing the best college or university is a chore many high school seniors and others face yearly. One university, Kettering, offers top notch engineering co-op programs as well as industrial engineering programs. US News and World Report has ranked Kettering University as "the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" in its annual "America's Best Colleges Guide for 2008".

The school, located in Flint, Michigan, is helpful because it places freshmen students with companies to help them start gaining real world work experience. Kettering's class leading Co-op programs rotate students between school and their co-op job, alternating every 3 months to help give students valuable work experience. It's always best to decide early about what profession or job field you may want to get into, or stay out of. The co-op programs at Kettering will help greatly with that. Not only that, but Kettering's co-op program will give students relevant work experience on their resume, which can help with landing a job upon graduation, or they may even continue with a company they were placed at. Finding a job or job security are great benefits and this university could very well provide them to students.

Among other notable features, Kettering includes a "wired" campus, meaning the Thompson Hall dormitory is already set for students to plug right into hi-speed internet in their dorm rooms (PC/Windows support only). As for clubs and activities, Kettering offers a great variety, including hockey, karate, the Bulldog Band, scuba diving, cycling club and the Campus Crusade for Christ. Their campus is convenient to great local activities including Flint Cultural Center, Flint Farmer's Market and the Flint Generals Hockey team.

For students looking to gain real world work experience and test the waters of their prospective job field, Kettering looks like a very helpful option in terms of mapping out and acquiring a career.

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