Is Kevin Trudeau's Free Money Book Legit or a Scam?

If you’ve ever been up really late at night, or even flipping through the channels on a lazy weekend afternoon, you are probably familiar with Kevin Trudeau. He’s the guy who has been on television infomercials promoting his Free Money book, which talks about tips “they don’t want you to know about.” They refers to the good ol’ government. Before we go to far it’s important to understand that Trudeau has been in some hot water for various claims made and various products he’s been a part of.

His books are still available online for those who are curious to read them. Other titles include “Debt Cures 2014 Edition” and “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.” “Free Money - They Don’t Want You to Know About,” was apparently updated now in 2014 to include even more helpful information to peruse. The most recent edition of the Free Money Trudeau book (pictured) is 279 pages long and ranks within the top 150,000 books on Amazon as of this report, showing that there are people out there still willing to give Trudeau and the info his book holds, a chance.

Reviews of Kevin Trudeau’s “Free Money” straight from Amazon show a slight mix of opinions by customers. At least a few people call it a scam and complaining about Trudeau’s legal issues. That includes a judge calling him an “uncontrollable huckster” and saying that Trudeau’s book could no longer be sold (as of 2004). That’s not to say that there aren’t third party sellers still offering copies of Trudeau’s titles on Amazon.

For the most part, the original hardcover and paperback listing of the book on Amazon has more one-star rated reviews on it than any other rating. There’s 69 five-star ratings and 60 three-star ratings. One reviewer even says that “the book gives some websites to aid in all these things, but most of the info could be gathered on-line.” That’s certainly true, and these days so many individuals overlook that aspect. Instead they will quickly fall for the latest “get money now” or “find money instantly” titles to get their hands on some cash. Trudeau more than anything may be a huckster, but he is also more of a marketer, in that he was able to convince people through clever marketing on infomercials that he had the cures to debt, health and other issues easily presented in his books. There may very well be that info inside his books, but it's hard to trust that advice based on the various legal findings that have been associated with Mr. Trudeau.

So my best advice to you with regards to Kevin Trudeau's "Free Money" book and whether it's a legit guide or a scam: Buy the book if you’re still curious, but use the good old internet to aid you in finding ways to increase your income. There’s plenty of ways to start generating money online, and you can find the “free money” yourself.

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