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Many members of the Bidvertiser program are now beginning to experiment with the new Beta RSS Feed advertising program. An early complaint was that you would have to set up a brand new RSS feed to do so, thus losing your current subscriber counts. As of just a day ago Bidvertiser unveiled that they have made it easier to integrate their ad program with your existing feed, so you won't lose those counts!

This brings up the whole concept of monetizing your RSS feed. For myself it hadn't been a monetized space until just recently. In particular if you're using Blogspot for your blog, you can head over to your "Settings" tab and then to the "Site Feed". Blogspot allows you a Post feed spot where you can put a line of text, or even HTML code. Think about ways to monetize that bit of space for your feed. For example, an ad for a relevant Amazon product, or just a general link to an affiliate product that relates.

I've also seen blogs that are using the "Feed Flare" tool from Feedburner. These are typically the items you see after a blog RSS feed such as "Digg this", "Email this", "Stumble It" and "Comments". Blogs have creatively put links there such as "Get concert tickets here". You can consider using the Feed Flares as yet another way to monetize, although from looking at the set up it may involve a bit more coding experience.

Overall, if you're looking to make money online, you'll need to look to every possible income stream you can. RSS feeds are a powerful place to be placing ads or affiliate links, so use them wisely!

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