EC Contest, BloggingZoom, Chow & Sex Sells!

For those who haven't entered yet, the "Hit 777 EC's with the Monetizer" contest is still running! A lucky winner will be chosen February 1st. There's been enough entrants so far to provide the prize, but there's still under a week left to get your shot at hitting it big! Check out the contest details here and get entered so you can do some clever advertising with EntreCard!

Unfortunate news was provided by Courtney Tuttle that Blogging Zoom was hacked a few days ago. It appears the site is back up and running now and has a very stylish Web 2.0 look to it. If you aren't registered yet, please head over and check out BloggingZoom. It's a great site to promote your content and network with other bloggers!

On a side note I've noticed recently that John Chow definitely realizes the importance of "sex sells". He has several recent posts about booth babes including an interesting video showing the power of his camera's Zoom feature. Gary Conn has an article discussing how female bloggers definitely have an advantage these days due to the whole sex appeal aspect. Check out Gary's article titled "Female Bloggers, Search Engine Marketing and Sex". I've always told female friends they need to start blogging!

A final rant is that the Monetizer has noticed tons of conflicting theories around the blogosphere. Do this, do that. You can't do this, you won't make money, etc etc. Some bloggers talk about not revealing your strategies and ideas online, because it's not in your best interest. Others say there aren't enough blogs saying "how to make money" or what to do. I say take all advice you get from blogs online with a grain of salt. Remember that blogs aren't exactly newspapers, and even newspapers have been known to sensationalize and skew stories. It's hard to call any blogger an authority per se, because there's some people who've achieved greater successes, but still others who provide great, useful ideas. Learn all you can and experiment on your own, sometimes you can come up with winning ideas that way!

(Note: Make sure to sign up for Ximmy.com if you haven't yet. It's a great place to share content URL's and vote, similar to Digg.com. However, this site pays for your time and effort!)

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