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Today The Monetizer would like to take a look at a niche blog site I feel has great potential for success. CouponCodesMall.com is a site that has just what the URL says, it provides its visitors with great shopping deals online via Coupons. It's a blog set up as a website to provide anyone who drops by with the latest in online coupons and discount deals. The site includes several categories including Amazon, GoDaddy.com, BestBuy.com, Sony, MacMall Computer coupons, Jewelry and cameras. There's even a search engine on the side for Amazon Deals as well. The site is updated regularly which is helpful for attracting traffic and keeping visitors around. A recent example is "Canon Digital Camera: EXPRESS, SHOOT AND SHARE" which reviews one of the best new camera offerings from Canon.

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While the site does offer some great coupon deals, I felt it was lacking a bit in its site appearance and layout. Some may disagree with me here, but there are many web users who are visual rather than textual. You have to keep those visitors in mind with a site that offers these product deals, and consider picturing more items to attract attention to them. Get people into a buying mood. A more stylish graphic banner might also aid in conveying the site as respectable and professional online resource, but this isn't a huge deal always. I think with a banner showing happy customers or a variety of products you get potential customers more interested in what you have to offer.

The navigational bar menu is also up to the right hand side of the banner, and could use some work. It lists "HOME" "GODADDY" "CONTACT" TOP COUPONS" and "RESOURCES". I would consider listing CONTACT last rather than in the middle. I'd also consider moving TOP COUPONS to the second position and replacing the GODADDY tab. That particular tab makes very little sense as the general feel from the site I got was for products such as cameras, video games, Amazon and PC deals. Another consideration is to rename it as "WEB HOSTING", or create a "TECH DEALS" section which includes GoDaddy offers.

I also noted some grammatical errors which could shy customers away. While the Monetizer is far from perfect when it comes to blog spelling or grammar, I do my best to doublecheck all work. If CouponCodesMall wants to succeed it needs to edit entries so that a customer will feel it is a professional resource they can rely on.

With some revamping, the CouponCodesMall definitely has the potential to craft itself into a nice niche type blog site. It has the overall positive benefit of offering visitors some great deals on products around the web. Visitors and customers could be gained as subscribers or simply from the search engine traffic, and lead to profitability for the site for some time to come.

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